Zucchini Pizza Boats


These Zucchini Pizza Boats were so delicious I couldn’t believe it was Zucchini! I wanted to make a recipe for these for some time now. After tasting these I wish I had made them sooner! Zucchini Pizza Boats are my new favorite way to make zucchini (next to my Zucchini Bread of course).

Here is the link to my Zucchini Bread: https://indianeskitchen.com/2018/08/19/zucchini-bread

Here is the link to my Zucchini Pizza Boats: https://indianeskitchen.com/2018/07/09/zucchini-pizza-boats

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  1. When I clicked on this I thought it was some green pizza, then I read the title xD. Its a shame that I myself am not the biggest fan of zucchini… But I can tell you worked hard and kept cooking! I’ll tell my grandmother about this recipe, she should LOVE it!!! :):D ❤

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