3 Ingredients Beef Tips & Gravy


This is a fabulous slow cooker recipe. You won’t believe only three ingredients can taste this good. The meat turns out so tender and the gravy makes itself. This makes for a great family meal when you add your side dish. Rice was very good with the gravy drizzled over it.

Click on the link below for the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.


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    • The rice is just a side dish. You can use whatever is your favorite side dish. I make rice because I love to drizzle the sauce over it. It’s great with mashed potatoes too. Your way is much healthier…lol Thanks Prior…

      • Well a little rice might be fine – wel with that gravy drizzled on – mmm and thanks for reminding us of side options – potatoes on the yellow list for me which means sometimes

      • You’ve sure been a busy bee … my mom used to make pots of soup in the Winter and because it was just the two of us, we’d freeze it in individual pots so we could have it later – always a treat and with garlic toast … we used to get those mini French baguettes and put garlic butter on them – such a nice smell walking in the door after work.

      • I eat my “diet” soup until it’s gone. Every time I get hungry I grab a cup. I lost 8#’s in January in a week from doing that. This time I put some of my dehydrated & powdered jalapeno peppers in it…yum! Freezing it is probably a much better idea…hahahaha

      • That’s what my mom and I thought too … even with the other soups she made. It would take us a while to go through the soup, just the two of us – we would start to look like it. 🙂

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