Simple Wonton Noodles


You will not believe how I made these Wonton Noodles! This idea came to me and I had to try it. I have never seen where anyone has done this before but I’m sure somebody has. It’s like having fresh pasta in your soup only they are simple to make. Have you ever made them this way before? I’m sure I’m not the first.

First I made my Turkey Vegetable Broth for soup (Link below).

After I had strained the turkey broth, I made the noodles.



Here is the way I made the noodles.

I bought Wonton Wrappers, used

a sharp knife and cut them into

noodle shapes. That’s it! It is just like

fresh pasta without any of the work.



After straining the broth, I

brought the broth back to

a boil over medium heat.



Then I dropped the wonton

Noodles into the hot broth.



Once the noodles were cooked to my liking

(they don’t take long at all)

I added the strained turkey and vegetables

in with them cooking just until hot.



Stir to combine.



Then serve!

Categories: Chicken, Soup, Turkey


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