Pumpkin Seed Flower Craft


I helped my 7 year old granddaughter and my autistic client make this cute flower out of pumpkin seeds that I dried in the oven. I cut a circle out of a cereal box and used craft glue to attach the dried seeds and twine.

I wish I could remember who posted this originally to give them credit for the idea! If itโ€™s you please let me know so I can give you credit!


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  1. How cute, but looks like a lot of concentration involved. Not sure my grandkids would stick to itl. I would paint it yellow so it looked like a sunflower when it was finished.

    • What you can do is dye the seeds too before you glue them on. However I bet the kids would love painting them! My granddaughter loved putting the seeds on, it was very quick. I spread the glue and she dropped the seeds on the glue. I made sure they were straight but she did it all otherwise.

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