Apple Pan Pie


Why make two apple pies when you can make one hearty one in a 9” x 13” pan instead. This tastes just like you’re eating an apple pie only better! I originally posted this recipe last October and I just finished updating it so I thought I would post it again for all of my new followers. This recipe is very, very good!

It is a bittersweet post because we decided to cut down our three apple trees this year. They were very messy and not producing like they should due to being very, very old. This Apple Pan Pie was one of the last recipes I made from the fresh apples from our trees.

Click on the link below to see the step by step directions and a printable recipe card.

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  1. How delightful! Thank you for sharing your recipe. I am going to pop on over to see the recipe! I’m so sorry about your tree. I can imagine how wonderful your tree was at it’s prime! Thank you again for sharing. Have a lovely week ahead! Koko 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words! Even though I will miss the apple trees, it sure freed up a lot of time. Fruit trees are a lot of work. Now I will just march on over to the farm market.

      • Time is so precious! I’ve been rethinking having my garden. It’s such a challenge with the ever changing weather and wildlings that come and dine on what I grow! 🙂

      • You are so right. We are a slave to our land, garden and wildlife. We don’t do a whole lot more but it is worth the sacrifice because we love it so much. I guess now that we’re older our priorities changed.

  2. How very sad. I have six apple trees over 120 years old. i heavily pruned all branches to polard. In spring saw first new shoots and although lots of people told me they were dead some sixty branches are on each cut tree. Next year thin prune carefully and year later full crop of apples will be there I promise. No tree is too old only if rot has set in cut it down and burn roots. i can show you in England Hereford apple orchards this is done every five years to give young orchards and more fruit.It is like mowing the lawns each cut tree improves. Too late now but if roots are not chopped about young shoots will come back around base and ground. Not all will survive depends on the way they had been cut down. I do this also with old roses that stop bearing roses. Cut down everything to crown. Do not damage it. Leave and new branches many more of them from stored young buds on rose will be young again next year. i have seen the rose at Hampton Court in England and planted by my ancestor in 1543.It still spreads all over the wall near the glass houses. It was dead they said in 1961. I showed them it was more alive than they. My love of gardening has been my whole life from day one on earth so Im told. We live forever too. Cut out all sin bend the knee and concentrate then ask God to show you proof. I did when more damaged than one could think of me.I roared in nasty doubt told him to prove it to me ,I told him cannot say more as God will not see me or appear so send your messenger and then and only then will I believe that God exits and loves me. I believe now.

    • That is absolutely amazing! You’re right because I tried to burn one tree stump but it was too green so I left the other two tree stumps to burn next year. Low and behold, there are shoots coming out of their trunks! I did know that about roses. I have two large roses that I do that to about every other year to keep them from taking over the flower bed. I would love to see the roses at Hampton Court, I bet it is beautiful! And yes, God is great!

  3. Hampton Court had changed since last I saw it in 2010. Big planting areas to try to give Tudor impression but as front elevation is changed from those heady days I think it a waste of good money. Inside it is all William and Mary styled. Anything of Cardinal Wolsey or even King Henry the murderer of innocent women nothing remains. The oldest rose grows there planted by Elizabeth 1. I took a side shoot finger and thumb. It grows here now too. Flowers only once and is scented white with green insert rather like the old Jacobite rose. Im on with making a garden folly having made a gothic church window cast in concrete Im ready to collect old bricks and build it next Spring time all summer no doubt.

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