Delicious Jalapeño Poppers



Delicious Jalapeño Poppers for dinner! The jalapeño peppers were fresh from our garden and filled with a great combination of cream cheese and cheddar cheese along with bacon!  Every year I like to make huge batches of Jalapeño Poppers. We eat some hot out of the oven and the rest I refrigerate and we eat them cold as a snack. I already blogged about two recipes last year that I really like so check them out. This recipe was made using version 2. Below is the links to my two versions of my Jalapeño Poppers recipes.


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  1. I love jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and these look amazing. I have never tried them with bacon, but bacon and cheese is always a winner in my book.

  2. Your husband must be the luckiest and fattest man in earth!!!!!!! Everything you post is mouth watering! I tried the lettuce wrap BLT the other day and holy crap that was damn good. The best part is no bread, so I can eat as many as I want!!!!

  3. Those look AMAZING! I love jalapeno poppers. Unfortunately, my husband hates cream cheese, so I’d have a lot of poppers to eat. 🙂 But I’m keeping this in my food file for future parties!

    • Megala aren’t they just a regular green pepper? I wouldn’t use them. Jalapeño peppers are hot peppers but not extremely hot. You could use any hot pepper that you can stand to eat.

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