Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer


I have never used a Bagel Slicer before. I have always used a serrated knife with no problems, however, my husband wanted this Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer for Christmas. Here are the steps, results and my opinion of this Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer.



It appears to be very well made and extremely sharp.

They have a nice protective cover for the sharp blade.



You pull the handle up and off exposing the sharp blade.



Put your bagel in the base.

Problem #1 is the bagel was too big and didn’t fit.

I had to find a smaller bagel.



Put the top section with the blade back on the base

pushing the blade through the bagel.



Push hard forcing the blade through the entire bagel.

Problem #2 is the bagel was too soft and the bagel started to collapse.

We had to turn the bagel to a more sturdy part.



Push the blade all the way through the bagel.

Problem #3 is the blade didn’t completely cut through the entire bagel.

It left just a small edge uncut, and I had to pull it apart on the bottom edge.



The final cut was very nice and the Bagel went back into shape.

Overall this did a nice job as long as the bagel fit.

In my opinion, Bagel Slicers are not worth

the money unless you have dozens of bagels to slice.

This Bagel Slicer cost $19.99 at Amazon.

A serrated knife is still my best bet because I only eat one at a time.



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  1. So good to see an honest review! I can’t see how this would be quicker than a knife. A knife washes up quicker and takes less space in the kitchen too! Thanks for sharing.

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