Imitation Crab Salad


Do you like to eat Imitation Crab? How do you fix it when you eat it?

Imitation Crab is made from Surimi and fillers to hold its shape. Surimi is a type of white fish. Imitation Crab is low in calories, fat and cholesterol but high in salt and phosphorus. I live where real crab is very expensive, so usually twice a year I buy a big package of Imitation Crab at Sam’s Club and fix salads with my husbands fabulous French Salad Dressing. Click on the link below for his French Salad Dressing recipe.

To make my Imitation Crab Salad I use shredded iceberg lettuce. I top it with bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, shredded cheese and of course Imitation Crab. You can add what ever you want to this salad. Hard boiled egg, green pepper or onion would be great on it too.

Go ahead a give Imitation Crab Salad a try. It’s so nice to have a different taste in a salad!




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  1. My family’s favorite pasta salad has imitation crab in it. They ask me to make it all summer long. We also love it chopped finely with some green onion and mayo on crackers or cucumber slices. Our last obsession is the imitation crab in a cream cheese and Worcestershire sauce dip covered with seafood sauce. That’s our Christmas must-have, again eaten with crackers!

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