Excalibur Food Dehydrator


I thought I would share with you the type of food dehydrator that I use. For years I used a $20.00 small round food dehydrator and it worked great. But then I started wanting to dehydrate more and more and the little round one became too small.

After many days of research and reading about other people’s experiences I decided to purchase the Excalibur Food Dehydrator. It couldn’t have been a better choice.


It has a cover to enclose the unit as it dehydrates.


It has plenty of shelves to dehydrate a large quantity of food.


When I first bought this, it came with these plastic type liners to keep the food from falling through. I use them only when dehydrating things like beef jerky because it is so thick and needs a lot of air to dry and it they won’t fall through once they are dry.


I sent for these ParaFlexx Ultra Sheets after I purchased the unit and I put things like my fresh herbs on them because once herbs dry they tend to drop through the holes of the white liner. These sheets can also be used to make fruit leather. They were not cheap but worth the money and are much easier to clean than the white shelf sheets.


The Excalibur has a thermostat which is really nice! Check out all the different types of food you can Dehydrate along with making great yogurt and using it to raise bread! Some day I will post my homemade yogurt recipe showing how I use the Excalibur to make it. Yogurt is really easy and cheap to make! This Excalibur Food Dehydrator was worth every penny!                                                                       http://www.InDianesKitchen.com

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  1. Love my Excaliber dehydrators! I have two. They are worth it just to make the best Kale Chips ever!!! I make them for church too. People are hooked on them and surprised how good they are. I have been offered payment to make them for people. They are not cheap to buy at the store, around seven dollars a bag, and the oven is just not the same for making them. 🙂

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