Jelly Belly Slushie Express


I bought this Jelly Belly Slushie Express at Kroger last year in the clearance section for only $10.00. They sell for around $30.00 on Amazon. They also had the syrup on clearance that went with it. It was a great buy and it chops up normal size ice with no problem. It is very simple to use too. Here are the simple steps to making the Slushies.


The 16 oz glass on the left shows how much syrup is added. The glass on the right shows how much water that you add to the syrup. The glasses are marked with the level of syrup, water and ice.


Add ice cubes to the line marked ice.


Screw the lid and blades onto the glass.

Place the glass upside down on the unit and blend until ice chunks are turned to slush.


This make very good Slushies and the grand kids loved them.

I give this a thumbs up because it worked very well. I also feel that this is just a mini blender so why not use it for other things as well. This comes with 2-16 oz glasses and I feel it would be a great smoothie maker! I would even try milkshakes, grind herbs and maybe even coffee…..the possibilities are endless.

The only thing I don’t like about this is the syrup that they sell for the unit. I need suggestions to come up with an all natural syrup with no dyes and less sugar. If anyone has made a natural fruit syrup for Slushies before, would you please share it with me?



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  1. Oh my my!! Lovely gadget.Lucky you that you got it on clearance. It’s a fun to have this around in summer time. Not only kids but everyone loves this…Now, summer is about to an end, but have to think to invest on this useful little gadget.

  2. As soon as I started reading your post, I immediately hoped a recipe for a home made healthier syrup was going to follow. Apologies for not having one to offer – I do hope someone else comes forward with a suitable recipe. I wonder what Grenadine (pomegranate syrup) has in it. It’s very sweet, but I don’t know if that’s from added sugar.

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