Showtime Rotisserie


For those of you who are new to my blog, about once a week I give a review on a gadget. We love gadgets and over our years together have accumulated a lot of them. This is an appliance but what I consider a gadget because I don’t use it all the time. Do you remember when the Showtime Rotisserie was all the rage? Everybody wanted one and they were hard to find. We received this one as a gift from my mother in law years ago. They still sell these for around $100.00. We love the flavor of the food it cooks and it cooks food perfectly! The only gripe I have is cleaning it, which my husband does for me, otherwise it’s amazing.


You start by preparing your chicken and pierce the chicken with the spit.


Place the chicken, on the spit, in the unit and turn it on. It cooks 20 minutes per pound of chicken. Look at that color!!! Not only does it cook perfectly, it has another setting that just rotates the chicken after it cooks. That way the juices get distributed evenly throughout the chicken. The best thing about the Showtime Rotisserie is not only the taste of the food, but the way the house smells while the food is cooking!


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    • I’m in Ohio and it is a favorite of home cooks here as well. I have seen so any pictures of people putting it too close to their house and burning their house and themselves. I’m afraid to purchase one. However, I really want to taste turkey cooked that way as long as somebody else does it!!! I heard it’s amazing. Thanks!

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