Easy Beet Pickled Eggs

I have always wanted to try Beet Pickled Eggs. I love pickles and I love beets so I knew I would love Beet Pickled Eggs. I made them using the juice of Pickled Beets. Terry does not like beets and would not try these so I only made a few. I use to can my own Pickled Beets and ate them all myself. Talk about a mess and a lot of work! My hands were stained for days, but I didn’t care. If I didn’t work now, I would can them again because they were so good. When I retire I will can them again. Beets are that type of food that you either love them or hate them. To make Easy Beet Pickled Eggs just buy a jar of pickled beets, remove the beets from the liquid and eat them, saving the liquid in the jar. Hard boil your eggs, peel and drop them whole into the beet liquid. Let them soak for at least 24 hours. The longer the eggs sit in the liquid the deeper the color will penetrate the egg white. If you leave it there long enough the color will actually color the yolk too. The egg in my picture was only sitting in the liquid for 12 hours. They are beautiful added to a salad, as a covered dish for a function or even for Easter. Cut the egg in half and enjoy.



Easy Beet Pickled Eggs




4 hard-boiled and peeled eggs

1 large jar of pickled beets


Hard boil the eggs and peel. Remove beets from the jar leaving liquid in the jar. Drop eggs into the beet liquid completely covering the egg. Place the jar in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. The longer the egg sits in the liquid the darker it will become. Remove the egg and slice it lengthwise. These eggs are beautiful in salads, as a covered dish for a function, for Easter or just eat right out of the jar.



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