Happy Hydrangea Sunday

I am still enjoying the fruits of my labor with my gorgeous hydrangeas. The plants got so tall last year that I decided to cut them down to about 3” above the ground. I didn’t expect any flowers this year but low and behold, the plants grew back even taller and well, I took this picture two days ago and you see the flowers. I add aluminum sulfate to my soil to turn them blue, otherwise they are pink.

Have a great Sunday and thank you for being a part of my blogging family!


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    • Thank you, mine are pink if I don’t change the ph in the soil. I love when I don’t water in the ph solution evenly and I will get pink, purple and blue color from one flower. I have never grown the white ones.

    • I had no idea that would happen! I just wanted to make them shorter and they are taller this year than last. I must admit, I am happy to have the color in late summer when most of my other flowers are finished blooming except the mums are starting to bloom now too. Thank you Derrick!

  1. It is my pleasure to be a part of your blogging family. I’ve learned a lot from you. Let’s keep this party going Goddess. Nice flowers too by the way. 🍷🍷🥰

  2. Just gorgeous Diane and so full of blooms. Mine are not as big and look a bit pitiful this year. Are these “Twist-and-Shout” Hydrangeas? I know the color of the blooms depends on the acidity in the soil. Mine are the same color but I don’t have soil additive.

    • Mine are called Endless Summer and they do bloom all summer. They are funny because if I don’t get all the soil wet with my mixture some will be pink and some even pink and blue. I love playing with the colors.

      • That is interesting that you can play with them like that – I didn’t have any additives, just went with the existing soil … Endless Summer. Will keep that in mind – still dwelling on what to do with the backyard next year. One thing at a time. Right now I am dealing with wildlife removal … a groundhog dug a huge hole and burrow in the backyard and I had a wildlife removal service set out bait and a trap … it did not catch the groundhog, but caught an opossum and I had to pay to have the opossum taken away and released in the woods. I hope I don’t have more opossums lurking about.

      • I feel for you Linda! Luckily we bought a trap years ago. So far this year we have removed 4 groundhogs and still have 1 left. Now that the garden is tore out he is eating my hosta plants. We have removed 3 moles and still have at least 1 left. After all the rain most of the runs are collapsing and we have open tunnels all over the yard and in my flower beds. I have decided to fill in the ponds since the egrets and blue heron ate all the fish. You can’t fight nature right? 🤣

      • Oh no, your beautiful ponds Diane – I feel badly for you. At least less work in the yard, but still. The egrets and heron are not going to stay away without the netting like you had before, which you then ask “why have the pond if you have to have netting?” Yes you can’t fight nature. This is not a rural area, so why we are suddenly getting raccoons, possums and groundhogs is anyone’s guess. So the pest removal guy took the opossum away Tuesday afternoon, brought back the empty trap today and baited it with more groundhog food pellets and about a dozen pieces of cantaloupe in the burrow and in the trap. I went out twice, but no groundhog. Sigh.

  3. Oh, I wish I could like your post 10x! Hydrangeas are such beautiful flowers. We used them as decorations on our guest tables at our wedding 27 years ago. Well done on changing the colour!

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