Did You Know – Tomatoes

1. Tomatoes Are Not Only Red

Tomatoes come in a variety of colors including yellow, pink, purple, black and even white. 

2. There Are Over 15 Thousand Varieties Of Tomatoes

There are thought to be more than 3,000 varieties of heirloom or heritage tomatoes and more than 15,000 known varieties in total.

3. Tomatoes Are Technically A Fruit 

A tomato is technically a fruit because a fruit is defined as the edible part of the plant containing seeds whereas a vegetable is the stem, leaf or root.

4. Tomatoes Have Been to Space

600,000 tomato seeds were sent to the International Space Station to see the effect of outer space on seed growth and development.

5. The First Tomatoes were Gold and Considered an Aphrodisiac  

When tomatoes were first introduced to Europe, they were small, golden and cherry sized so they gave them the name ‘golden apples’. The French were convinced tomatoes were aphrodisiacs and named them “love apples.”

6. China is the Largest Producer of Tomatoes

China produces a quarter of the worlds total tomato production whereas the USA and India are the second and third highest producers.

7. Guinness Book Of World Records For Tomatoes 

The Guinness World Record for “most tomatoes harvested from a single plant over one year” was 32,194 tomatoes harvested between May 2005 and April 2006, and the plant weighed 1,151.84 lbs.

8. Tomatoes Are Very Rich in Lycopene

Tomatoes are the most natural and richest source of lycopene available to us. Lycopene is a very powerful antioxidant.

9. Tomatoes are Well-Known for Heart Health

Tomatoes contain some anti-inflammatory properties and are a good source of potassium, which is linked with lowering elevated blood pressure in the body and helping to prevent cardiovascular issues.

10. The Word Tomato Comes From A Spanish Word

The English word for tomato comes from the Spanish word tomate. The Aztec name is translated to “Plump thing with a navel.”

Source: http://www.Campbells.com

Image: http://www.Pixabay.com



  1. Black and purple tomatoes – wow! We always have tomatoes in our house – fresh and canned. This morning we enjoyed fresh pan-fried tomatoes with cheese on top for breakfast.
    Can I add another tomato “fact”? In 1991 there was a movie called “Fried green tomatoes” – I was a student then and we were a bunch of girls who went to see the movie and loved it!
    Thank you for your ode to the delicious tomato Diane!

  2. Very curious to see the different coloured tomatoes! I’ve seen small cherry tomatoes that are yellow and purple but have never seen pink, black or white ones. Interesting!

  3. Being Italian, it is mandated by the Constitution that you grow tomatoes in your yard, on the patio…
    Tomatoes also have a history.
    In baseball, a pitch that is easy to hit is called a tomato can.
    In the movie MARTY with Ernest Borgnine, his mother, who is worried that he is not yet married, urges him to go to a dance because there a lot of tomatoes there.

  4. I am trying my hand at growing tomatoes and so far, I have not a single one. I was told this happens. You can get so many you don’t what to do with them all or none at all like me!

    • Our plants have blossoms but that’s it so far. Our tomatoes don’t ripen until August. I hope you get some! Picking our own tomatoes and eating them right off the vine, warm, is my favorite way to eat them.

      • Oh, well that’s good to know. Maybe I just need to be more patience.
        I did just pull one massive tomato off the other day since I first commented and I’m waiting for it to ripen a bit more in the window. It was huge and turning red when I pulled it. I was scared the bugs were going to get it, so I pulled it. I hope it works out because it’ll be my first!

      • You did good! I did a post on picking the tomatoes when they get their first bit of color change. The tomato will not get any bigger once it first starts to turn (color) and then put it upside down on the counter. You can also put it in a bag with a banana to ripen well.

  5. I did not know any of these facts Diane, especially about the heart health and lowering blood pressure – wow! I should be eating more tomatoes since heart disease runs in the family.

  6. We are growing some tomatoes this year – all potted. One variety is a black cherry tomato, which was purchased by mistake, but still pretty cool to see.

    • I love cherry tomatoes and make sure my husband buys them every year. I have seen pictures of the black cherry tomato plants for sale in catalogs but I have never tasted them. I would love to know how they taste. It’s always fun to try something new.

    • We have tried many different types, colors and shapes of tomatoes and there has never been anything as good as the traditional Big Boy, Better Girl etc.to me!

  7. A few years ago we discovered the sweetest little tomatoes I’ve ever tasted, even though I wouldn’t have guessed it by their orange color. Not sure what their official name is, do you? (They’re small, like cherry tomatoes.)

  8. You always have interesting posts ! We went to a local farmer this morning to buy tomatoes and a huge assortment of other fruit/veg. Peas, strawberries, radishes etc.

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