Windmill Island Gardens – Holland Michigan

This is my last post from our trip to Holland Michigan then back to cooking, I promise!

Windmill Island Gardens was beautiful and full of flowers, flags, a carousel, an organ and a gift shop.

These wooden shoes were on the building where we paid to get in.

What a way to walk in with these gorgeous tulips!

We looked forward to seeing what was in the buildings in the back.

Check out the tall metal tulips.

They were showing a video of the windmill history and how it works in this building.

This sign was outside the building that housed the organ.

It was so unique and appeared to be in great condition, it sounded wonderful too.

A sign telling us about the line of flags.

The flags lined the side of the gardens.

The tent on the right was getting ready for a wedding. How beautiful would that be!

The bridge took us the to the windmill.

Standing on the bridge was a beautiful view of the windmill.

I bet the couple will be getting married on the gazebo.

I have no idea what these large plastic tulips were, they look like a seat.

A sign of the times, check out the sign in the bottom right corner, it says No Drone Zone.

There was a carousel to ride too, also in very good shape.

Thank you for putting up with all my pictures of Holland Michigan!


  1. What a lovely trip you had, Diane. I’m glad that you shared these moments with us, and I hope we get more of these non cooking posts from time to time.

    The garden is beautiful and those tulips are so beautiful. And we need more windmills in this world!

  2. Aren’t tulips beautiful! I loved the shoes too. Can I get a pair in 11 1/2 please. Oh wait. Make that 11 1/2 petite!

  3. Looks like a beautiful place to walk around. Those wooden shoes on the building where you paid to get in – my mom had a pair of those hanging in our kitchen growing up. Oh how I wish I would have saved them when we broke up her house. I don’t know what happened to them, but I do relish remembering. I always enjoy your cooking posts, but I am happy to read about any of your travels, too!

    • Thank you Cheryl, they are my daughters favorite flower. She was so excited as she planted a bunch of bulbs and they all bloomed for the first time this year.

  4. Please don’t apologize for your series of Holland, Michigan posts. I enjoyed each and every one of them. It was a virtual field trip of spring loveliness!

  5. Hi. Looks like a fine place. I noticed that the colors of the wooden shoes are very similar to the colors of the tulips in the photo below the wooden shoes. Very complementary!

  6. Very beautiful Diane – thank you for sharing and I don’t think any of us “put up with your photos” … we enjoyed them instead. I like those decorated wooden shoes in a row. What a lovely venue to be married in!

      • Oh, that’s a good idea Diane – that way you can look back at those memorable times whenever you feel like it and don’t have to wade thru lots of pictures files.

      • Yes it is wonderful to look at. I have two stacks of books from over the years. The young generation doesn’t have pictures anymore, everything is on FB ad their phones. I figure when I die it will be a wonderful thing for the grandkids to have books of their youth.

      • Yes, you said your daughter bought the kids iPhones, so they are likely whizzes at photography on those phones. The grandkids are lucky you captured pics of them growing up.

  7. This is a lovely place Diane! The tulips are so colourful and I love the organ – how unique. Oh, and I just love a windmill (not something we really see here in SA) – it’s gorgeous! Thank you so much for your beautiful posts about your visit to Holland Michigan – I really enjoyed it!

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