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Did you know that Bubble Gum starts from a gum base, called polyvinyl acetate, which is made from plastics and synthetics. It is also used in the manufacturing of glue, water based latex paints, adhesives, plastic bags and plastic bottles, along with other products. It is proven to be safe to eat and safe for the environment but it makes you wonder.

If you swallow gum it will not hurt you, however, your body will not digest it and it will move out of your body, whole, through your stool.

The way they make bubble gum is they pour the gum base into a large mixer with coloring and flavoring. As it begins mixing, they add glucose syrup which helps keep the gum base soft.

Next they add dextrose, a powdered sweetener. It all mixes for about 20 minutes and is ready when it gets to the consistency of bread dough, they then transfer it to a machine called the pre-extruder. This machine transforms the bubble gum into smaller, more manageable strips.

Next it goes into the extruder, which squeezes it down to the actual width of the bubble gum. The extruder causes the gum to heat up and get too sticky to cut and wrap so they run it through a cooler. Next it is cut and wrapped by a machine before being packaged for the stores.

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  1. It is an American thing I expect . I never saw in in England .Seems to be avoided at all costs, reading the ingredients you mention . How could be sold under health act ?

  2. Hmm, when I read your first paragraph I understand why my mother didn’t really want us to chew bubblegum when we were kids – she probably also heard where bubblegum originated 😁.

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  4. Pretty yucky! My mother used to tell me that bubble gum was the horse’s tongue so that I wouldn’t chew it. Worked pretty well too.

  5. Yah, knowing about the core ingredients does make you wonder, doesn’t it? But yet, pink bubble gum is a key part of any childhood experiences! 😊

    • Double Bubble pink bubble gum is the best gum to blow bubbles they said. I used to hate getting the wrapper off the little pieces of gum and of course we never chewed just one piece as a kid.

  6. Interesting and strange story. Now I’m glad I never managed to blow bubbles and therefore was never really attracted to bubble gum. But I will confess to enjoying Bubble Gum music. 🤣

  7. Interesting information. I can’t imagine working where they make bubble gum and smelling that sickening-sweet smell eight hours-a-day.

    • I read that back then people thought it would kill you. Makes you wonder why you would want to chew it. Lol However, some parents said that just so the kids don’t swallow it. Lol

  8. Love your educational blogs. This one was particularly interesting to me as I do not like to chew gum. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to chew plastic, ya think? 😀

    • Hahaha I feel the same way Linda. When I used to put a piece in my mouth, I threw it away within minutes. Gives me a headache chewing it now. Thank you Linda!

  9. Very interesting info on bubble gum Diane. My radio station has a feature spotlighting local businesses and recently they interviewed a woman who now has a business making salad dressings. Her ad claims she was making salad, realized she’d run out of dressing, turned the bottle over to check out the ingredients and found out they were mostly chemical names, so she made her own dressings. Sigh. Probably a millionaire now.

    • Oh Wow! What a story with breast cancer and beating it. She sells at 300 stores including Meijer’s and that’s where we shop! Terry love’s the sugar though so I doubt I could convince him to change. Lol

      • They didn’t mention her battle with breast cancer in that radio interview, so I only learned of it when I found her info to send you the website. Pretty amazing to create this business just because you checked out the ingredients and were horrified at the ingredients. I was reading the comments and someone used one of her dressings as a marinade.

  10. I always wondered how gum was made, ha ha! Knowing how it is made, I am pretty sure it’s probably not good for us. Not to mention that most gum has aspartame in it (yes, I have stood there and looked at every package). My dad started getting MS symptoms drinking aspartame in his tea. It took a year to recover after he had stopped.

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