Baked Spatchcock Chicken

Spatchcock Chicken is just a fancy word for butterflied chicken. Cooked this way there is no cavity in the chicken and it all cooks evenly.

To see pictures of my step by step directions with a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. Lol – What a wonderful naming, Diane! At first on the fly i had read “Hitchcocked Chicken”. But such a chicken maybe would be one which has murdered itself. 😉 Thanks for another great recipe idea, and have a nice weekend! xx Michael


  2. It definitely looks delicious Diane! I love the herbs you have used on the chicken – that’s normally the herbs we use too (since we have fresh rosemary and thyme in pots, we use that). Anything chicken is a great meal!


  3. What an amazing way to prepare chicken. Looks delicious in deed. Let me ask you, Diane, did you pursue catering or a course related to it? You cooking’s just on another level.


      • That was our family to a “T” and Fridays we always had salmon croquettes with corn and mashed potatoes and occasionally, my mother would buy Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks and say they were for the baby (though I was no longer a kid). It wasn’t Lent, but we didn’t eat meat on Fridays and I’ve continued that tradition. I always marveled watching my mom prepare a chicken or cornish hens for stuffing them. I would watch the whole process and not sure I could do it as I’m a bit squeamish.


      • Yes, I think so – she says it makes up for my terrible housekeeping habits. I used to hear all the time “when I am gone, I can just imagine how you will keep house.” (That is an expression you don’t hear anymore, “keeping house” but that is what she said … it’s pretty much true too. I used to be more diligent outside too – not a weed or dandelion in sight. Now I have blinders on to them. 🙂


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