Seven Layer Dip

Refried beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, tomato and olives were my choice when making this Seven Layer Dip that we eat as a meal. I make single serving plates of this dip so we both get only the food we love.

Heat the refried beans until hot then

place them on a serving plate.

Immediately add the cheese on

top of the hot refried beans.

Warm and add the salsa on top of the cheese.

Add sour cream to the top.

Place the scoops or tortilla

chips around the edge.

Add the lettuce.

Add the olives.

Add the chopped tomato and serve

immediately. I even drizzled

mine with taco sauce.

Seven Layer Dip


  • 1 can refried beans
  • 16 oz. salsa
  • 6 oz. taco cheese, shredded
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 4 cups shredded lettuce
  • 1/2 cup sliced olives, black or green
  • 1 large tomato, diced
  • 1 small bag of scoops or tortilla chips
  • Optional: onion, green pepper, different kind of cheese etc.

The quantity of each item is totally up to you, you may want more or less cheese or sour cream than I did for example. There is not a right or wrong amount, add whatever amount you think you would love. I made two plates full with this recipe.


  1. Heat the refried beans until hot then place them on your serving plates, I used two.
  2. Immediately add the cheese on top of the hot refried beans.
  3. Warm the salsa and pour it over the cheese.
  4. Add the sour cream in small dollops.
  5. Place the scoops or totilla chips around the edge of the plate then add the lettuce.
  6. Add the olives and then the diced tomato and serve immediately with extra scoops or tortilla chips.


  1. It is not just easy to make, but it looks so well presented! I think we would love this (and so will our friends) … we will definitely try this soon, thanks Diane!

  2. I haven’t eaten or made such a layered dip. I’ll do it for Christmas. I hope the household will enjoy it.

  3. MMM. An open-faced taco! Love the idea! Fancy fine dining has its place but yummy get down finger food is A-OK in my book! I’m loving this idea for Friday movie/game nights or catching a game on Sunday afternoon tv or when the cub scout meeting is at your place. You get the idea; any time perfect dig in dip. Hungry!!

      • What’s not to love about a taco salad? Especially nice without the meat for any vegetarians out there. My grand kids will love this! 🌮

    • You are s kind Linda. Cooking is such a passion for me and I will try to make anything. Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it is getting harder to do as much as I used to.

      • Diane – I’m “liking” the first part of your comment. You are creative and put a lot of love into your cooking. It is a passion and labor of love for you. I did not know about the fibromyalgia diagnosis for you – here I am keeping you in my prayers for your last carpal tunnel surgery, now this … that is rough. I was already going to suggest to you, if I didn’t before, to have Terry or your son or daughter help you with pruning the Wisteria … don’t let all the grasping of the pruner during that big job undo the good work from these surgeries. I know my mom never knit again after she was told that the knitting started her carpal tunnel, but it worsened by using her cane … the cane she needed, the knitting she decided had to go. I worked out in the yard today and already feel the effects of it.

      • If the wisteria gets too hard to care for I will just cut it down. My fibromyalgia has hit me really bad and I need medicine to keep it under control. It is very frustrating to have all this energy in my head then I can barely get off my chair all day. Lately, if I get one good day a week I am doing good. Terry has been so understanding and helpful after seeing what I am going through. Thank you for being such a good friend Linda.

      • Thank you Diane and I am sorry to hear how the fibromyalgia is hitting you so hard, plus with these two carpal tunnel surgeries on top of it. Terry always has seemed like he is a big help to you, especially with the grocery shopping chores. At least the grandchildren are older and can help with some small things and thankfully your daughter has recovered from COVID and hopefully on the last leg of her studies, so eventually you’re cooking smaller meals and not working so hard. Will you still be having your big fruit and veggie garden?

      • Thank you for your thoughtfulness Linda. Yes we have the straw down and the rhubarb and asparagus will be the first thing up. I am hoping I can manage cutting them, if not I will get help. I definitely won’t have a problem eating them! 😂

      • I will be thinking of you Diane and hope your pain lessens as you enjoy your time out in the garden, That’s early – I am still thinking in Winter mode, despite the nice weather we enjoyed today.

  4. This looks fabulous Diane, perfect for Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day! Seems easy to make and it’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have plans for the beautiful spring! Hugs, C

  5. I made this today for my husband and me. It was a great success! This mix of warm and fresh is just so delicious. I found this recipe via Ned Hanson. Greetings from Denmark

    • I am so glad you like it as much as we do. Ned has been reblogging a lot of my recipes, he’s a real sweetheart! Thank you for telling me you made it and where you saw the recipe.❤️

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