Happy Valentine’s Day

I never liked Valentine’s Day because I feel it is commercially motivated. I feel people that are in love should express it on their own special day. We don’t need to feel guilted into buying candy, flowers, gifts and meals that are overly inflated because of the day. And what about the people that don’t have somebody to buy them something and have to feel left out? For those of you that celebrate today, Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m no expert and this is only my opinion.

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  1. Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers. It is also to show love for friends and family. We give love everyday and not just for today. Happy V-Day to you!

  2. Part of me feels that way, too. It’s a Hallmark holiday. Even so, we do celebrate a bit – having a nice dinner (this year at home) and exchanging cards. Though I always get mine for him from the Dollar Tree. In any case, enjoy the day. That’s good on any day!

    • I had to laugh, all my cards come from the Dollar Tree too! It is getting to where nobody sends cards anymore. They just say Happy Birthday etc. on FB. How times are changing. I love the idea of a nice meal at home!

  3. I completely agree, Diane! I have always felt the same way! There are so many ways that people can genuinely express their love, without being made to feel guilty, or left to feel lonely, because of a commercialized day. Wishing you and everyone love throughout the year, in whatever heartfelt way it is and can be expressed! 😊❤️

  4. I understand your view point. My only child, my son, left my life 15 years ago now, calling me on Valentine’s day to let me know he was leaving my life, for the third time, and in spite of me reaching out several times, and all the healing/talking/learning/growing that had taken place after his other times of leaving, he has stayed gone. Happy valentine’s day 🙁

    And in spite of being single most of my life, so not relating to this holiday, I’ve lately been reminded of St. Valentine, who was a priest killed for marrying people secretly, in opposition to a rule put forth by the then king, that men were not to marry, only be true to him as soldiers and protect him. So that puts this holiday in a different light for me. He was not only risking his life in order for couples to be married and commit to each other, but in another way he was standing up for love in all its forms…self less love. It’s too bad that with such a beginning this holiday has taken such a turn. But then, that is true of so many aspects of life now….commercialized, and all about consumption.

    Hope you enjoy the day anyway 🙂

    • I am so sorry to hear about your son Katelon. One day he will regret his decision. What an interesting story about St. Valentine, I have never heard that story before. As for Valentine’s Day, I spent it with my husband having surgery. He said Happy Valentine’s Day as they wheeled me to the operating room. 🤣

      • Thanks for your support. I hope he will return one day. I have a 12 year old grandson I’ve never met. I’ve sent gifts and cards but finally stopped, letting my son know that it is in his court now.

        Hope your husband is doing well now. Perhaps all the love inspired world wide supported his surgery and healing <3

      • Do they live close? Maybe someday your grandson will come to see you, I hope so.

        My husband didn’t have surgery, I did. He was my support at the hospital and still is. He has cooked every day so far and done all the dishes as I can’t get my hand wet. Then he has to do it all over again when I get the other hand done. I hate not being able to cook. Lol

      • Oh sorry I didn’t understand. Hope you heal quickly. Did you have carpal tunnel surgery? Glad you have a husband who cooks.

        They don’t live close. I have no idea what my grandson has been told about me.

  5. I agree with you on that. If you are in a loving relationship, it should show every day in all different ways! All our “special” days and holidays are commercialized now.

  6. Thanks Diane! I can see your point and agree that Valentines Day could be a challenging and lonely day for some – I keep thinking of poor Charlie Brown waiting for his Valentines cards that are not coming.

    How blessed we are that there are many other days and ways to celebrate and share our love! 🙏

    • I actually got grocery store candy this year from my hubby. My granddaughter told my husband he BETTER get me flowers. I told her no he can’t because I was having surgery and he had to be with me at the hospital. She told him then he BETTER buy me candy! So after he gave me the candy he said you make sure you tell her I gave you candy! Then as I was being wheeled into surgery he said “Happy Valentine’s Day” 🤣

  7. I have personal reasons for disliking Valentine’s Day – no, forgive me, despising it with every fiber of my being – which I describe in Interrogating Memory. No need to ruin anyone’s day here, however. 🙂

    • Yes like my other blogger friend said, cuddle on the couch with a glass of wine and Bon Bons. Also, I had my surgery on Valentine’s Day, how romantic is that? My hubby said Happy Valentine’s Day as they wheeled me off to surgery. 😂

      • That is romantic indeed Diane! I know you said it was this week – you’re already typing, so that’s a good thing. My mom had a cast put on each hand. This was to keep her from forgetting and using her both hands to boost herself out of a chair. She looked like a prize fighter. Hope you’re feeling better – heal up soon for the next hand!

      • Thank you, so far the pain is not very bad and I just have a bunch of gauze and ace bandage. I can take it all off on Thursday and get it wet but I have to keep the stitches covered with gauze and can only lift under 10# for 4-6 weeks. Then off for the other hand.

      • [Sorry Diane I just asked you again – I responded to comments first.] So, you’re just wrapped up to protect the stitches – amazing. My mom had hers outpatient too, but it was so involved due to casting her to not use it as that was the only way she rose out of a chair, by boosting herself. No rest for you before surgery #2. Terry might be shoveling and distributing that load of mulch on his own.

      • It’s healing very well and yes I just keep gauze on it to cover the stitches. Don’t get me wrong, if I push or pull it hurts but I’m just being careful so it heals faster. I’m hoping the surgeon doesn’t make me wear a brace or anything, stitches come out next week. Luckily we finished the mulch last fall so Terry won’t have to do any this year.

      • Oh, I believe you that it hurts … you use your hands for so much and to have to forego using it is difficult. Oh, great – I thought mulch was an annual event. One fellow blogger and her husband get a load in the driveway and it takes the several days to place it around the bushes … an annual event for them. I even looked into the rubber mulch, but it was pretty costly and I didn’t like the colors as I have a light-colored house with light-blue siding, so black or rust-colored bark wouldn’t work (I don’t think).

      • I wanted the rubber mulch too but you are right, very expensive! I think either one of those colors would look nice with your siding. If you don’t like it you could change the siding.😂🤣🤣😂🤣

      • You know it is probably cheaper to change the siding than the mulch! It is supposed to wear well – but imagine picking all the maple helicopters out of it or using the blower on those elm seeds that flutter all over. I have red lava rock on two sides of the house – the bushes are larger now, but when they were new and smaller in 1985 when I planted them, I would try to vacuum up all those two kinds of seeds as picking them out was quite the pain. Never again … the river rock is the same thing. It gets embedded in between the rocks. The cypress or cedar mulch, I just turn over with my small rake and no more elm seeds (or weeds) either.

      • Oh wow! I thought about lava rock too, glad I didn’t do it. We have huge maple trees with helicopters that cover out yard. Then they blow in my mulch and grow!

      • The lava rock looks really nice, but it traps the helicopters and unless you pull out each one, they’ll grow. A blower doesn’t always work and neither does using a vacuum. Pick by hand – so glad the bushes are grown and cover most of that garden area now. I don’t mind them as much as those tiny elm seeds which sprout in a day or two – they fall down like confetti.

      • Oh I’m with you – but the helicopters really show up in the red lava rocks – I’m older now, I like low maintenance things. 🙂

  8. We celebrated Valentines Day with a long hike in the mountains … there were nobody else, just me and my husband, now doesn’t that sound pretty romantic? Oh, we did top it off with a bottle of wine and cheese platter (to celebrate our sighting of the Maltese Cross – will blog about it later) … but I agree, it is way too commercialised!

  9. I feel the way you do sometimes about Valentine’s Day. It’s sweet to acknowledge the ones we love but it also has become way too commercialized. And now with all the social media, we tend to compare our experience with other’s experiences, and often feel like we came up short. It takes our minds off what we have and instead becomes what we expect and what didn’t work out, and on and on. Anyway, I saw that you had carpal tunnel surgery. I hope you’re healing well. I had that surgery many years ago. My surgeon did both my wrists at the same time because we were home from Germany and getting ready to return. I truly regretted that decision when I woke up to boxing glove bandages on both wrists. I was unable to do anything at all and my dear mother had a real caregiving job on HER hands. Just use your imagination at what all was involved, along with caring for my three young children. 🙂 I’ve written too much. Have a great weekend, Diane.

    • OMG there is NO way I would have done both hands at the same time. Before surgery I told my husband he may go blind by what he may see.😂 I am right handed and did the left hand first. I have been able to do everything myself except for opening pill bottles or anything that needs to be unscrewed. I can’t lift over 2-5 pounds too but I have accomplished everything else. Now when the right hand is done that will be so much more difficult. I seriously can’t function with my left hand! If all goes well I should get the right hand done in 4-6 weeks.

      • I feel for you! My surgeon all those years ago said he normally would never have done both at once but since we were soon returning to Germany, and I would have parent help, then he would do it. Our children were 6, 4, and 9 months. My poor parents! Gary was in flight school (military). My mom had badly cut her finger shortly before we came, and our baby had burned his hand and was all wrapped up. We were quite a sight! It was quite an ordeal. But we all survived, somehow! 🙂 I had right shoulder surgery 9 years ago and am right handed, so I know how you feel about having to use your left hand. Thank the Lord for helpful husbands! Take care and continue healing.

      • What an ordeal you all had Patty! I’m not sure I could have survived all that. Lol Yes, husbands are a great help and in your case, your parents too! Thanks again Patty. 💕

  10. I was actually married on Valentines Day. My husband told me at the time, he wouldn’t marry me on any other day. I thought it was so romantic, then. This past Monday, I was married 30 years! I also agree with your opinion though. Even though we were married on the day, we have never celebrated Valentines day itself. We always have a nice family dinner with all the kids, and I prefer that to chocolates etc. However, for those considering getting married on Valentines Day, I would tell you don’t! Everything is booked months ahead for romantic date nights, every restaurant is full, every venue, flower shops too busy, and it does not make your special night special at all. Hence the reason we have never celebrated anywhere but at home with the kids.

    • First of all, congratulations on 30 years of marriage (we celebrate 32 in November) and Happy Anniversary! That is crazy but how awful to not be able to have a romantic dinner out alone! There is nothing better than family but there are times, like your anniversary, it would be nice to go out by yourselves. We were married the day after Thanksgiving so every few years our anniversary falls on Thanksgiving. We also watch the grandkids almost every holiday so we have always picked a day we were both free and celebrated then. Sometimes it’s a month late but as long as we celebrate and go all out for whatever day we celebrate, it’s still worth it. ❤️

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