Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract

If you knew how easy it is to make Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract, you will wonder why you haven’t made it before. I was down to the last of my large mother bottle of homemade vanilla extract, that I store in my basement, and I thought I would show you how I make mine. The picture above is the first step to making more as this is my mother bottle.

To see my directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.



  1. A number of years ago I read an intereesting cozy mystery about vanilla. In it the cartels in Mexico were involved in the vanilla bean procurement and distribution because they were so profitable. That sounds outlandish, but it may have had some basis in truth. While I lived in Mexico, there was a lime shortage because of a plant disease. Cartels quickly jumped in to control the export of limes. Limes? I laughed at the time, but it is really not funny. Avocado producers and workers there have a horrible time with the cartels taking a portion of their wages…or else. Very sad.


  2. You had me at the tall bottle of vodka! I didn’t realize this was how vanilla extract is made. I can now see why it’s so expensive, with the required hand pollination and time it requires to settle. Will have to share this with the hubby!


    • After I gave mine away I read somewhere to put a piece of vanilla bean in the bottle when you give it away. I thought that was clever but I had already strained it and wanted them to be able to use it without straining. It makes for a great gift and your baking friend will love it!

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