Slow Cooker Vegetable Barley Soup

It’s soup weather where I live and this is my favorite way to make Vegetable Soup, with barley and in the slow cooker. Follow my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card HERE.


  1. Oh YEAH!! This is a favorite of ours here too. Now with cooler weather coming in, it is great to make and freeze for another meal. Get some good, crusty Italian bread and you are in heaven!


    • What is it about cooking and colder weather that is so much fun? I always look forward to the outside work being done so I can try new things. I’ve been cutting down my asparagus for 4 days now, hopefully tomorrow I will be done.

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    • How ironic, today I finished cutting all my asparagus to the ground as it is in the low 40’s here now. Also removed my annual herbs and cut back the perineal herbs. I am hoping to cut all my mums on Sunday before the snow flies then I am all cleaned up for spring. We finished putting 2 dump trucks of mulch down about a month ago and I winterized my ponds. I always look forward to the break of winter so I can work inside and do lots of cooking. Have a great weekend Kevin.


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