Kids Making Subs

What an easy way to get the kids excited to make their own food. When they make their own subs with a variety of meat, vegetables, cheese, condiments and a sub bun they are sure to eat it all. I am glad I started doing this with the grandkids as they are learning the beginning stages of cooking by themselves.

My grandson is making requests for what he wants to make next. He has added tacos and hamburgers to the list. If you have kids or grandkids give it a try. You will see how excited they get and how different each child’s sub turns out.

Start with all the prepared ingredients so they can take what they want.

Have them spread the condiments on the bun. It may not be pretty but it’s theirs.

Next have them add the vegetables.

Let them finish with the rest of their favorite ingredients. This was my granddaughters finished sub.

This was my grandsons finished sub. Both of the kids ate every bite!


  1. Well Diane, it’s not just kids that will love those subs … I find that to be a good lunch when I’m in a hurry! You are making proper little chefs of these two – hooray!

    • It is fun seeing the excitement in their eyes when the make their creation. They made it a point to say don’t help us at all grandma. Of course they couldn’t eat them until I took my pictures but they are use to that! 🤣

  2. What a great idea and fun activity to do with your grandkids! Sadly for me, T would just eat the bread and ignore the rest. But something I’ll file away to try with him a little later when he’s hopefully less fussy!!!

  3. I agree, when the kids are invested in the preparation they’ll eat! I used to do these pocket dinners with the kids, they’d stuff premade crescent dough with potatoes, cheeses, meats, veggies and we baked them in the oven! They thought this was so cool! Win for Mom, C

    • Only if you can get it out of his hands! I made BBQ pork tenderloin and he ate 3 helpings then said “This is the best day ever!” 🤣😂🤣 Thank you!

  4. The best way to get picky kids to eat is to have them make their own sandwiches! Good for you – and good for them. My son used to pile on mustard on every sandwich he made. Now, he hardly touches mustard. I think he got his fill! 🙂

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