Kids Can Cook Too!


I must be the luckiest Grandma in the world. My 9 year old Granddaughter asked to make her first ever chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine’s Day and she wanted to do them all by herself. Of course I told her yes and what a great job she did. They weren’t perfect but what a huge confidence builder it was for her and they tasted great!

Do you let your kids or grandkids make things in your kitchen? They need to help you as soon as they show interest. For Christmas my granddaughter was given her own handmade apron and children’s cookbook. You should have seen the joy in her eyes. She has already made us two different fruit smoothies. The first one was following the recipe in the cookbook. The second one she wanted to make it her way, a girl after my own heart!

I guarantee your counters will get messy, but isn’t that half the fun? There will be mishaps too, like when my granddaughter dropped my favorite large mixing bowl a few weeks ago and broke it. She asked me not to help her at all making the cookies and I agreed. Now she knows the right way to hold the bowl when she stirs chocolate chip cookies, lesson learned and I get to buy a new favorite bowl! So go ahead and have some fun with your kids or grandkids in the kitchen, you will be making memories to last a lifetime.

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  1. They look fantastic! Congrats and kudos for encouraging a love of cooking at such a young age. She has a good teacher to learn from. And absolutely agree that this will be a good confidence booster for her. Helps build independence too!

  2. Diane this is absolutely wonderful, such a sweet thought of your granddaughter. They look delicious! I agree, always a good idea to encourage kids to cook/bake/decorate . And having her own apron and cook book is a lovely idea x

  3. What a good, fun grandma you are, Diane! I can almost hear the laughter going on! Our oldest grandson, 11yrs old, enjoys helping me in the kitchen too. We have a great time! He’s helped me with pies, cookies, and strawberry jam. I’m sorry about your fav bowl, but I sure live your outlook—“I get to buy a new favorite bowl” BTW—her strawberries are most delicious looking! 😀

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    • Thank you Mitzy! Your grandson is a lucky boy. It is even more important for boys to learn how to cook, he will get a wife for sure that way….lol My granddaughter was so scared when the bowl broke. I didn’t even react and she said “Grandma why aren’t you mad?” I told her it wouldn’t change a thing to get mad and now you know how not to hold the bowl when you stir.

      • That’s so sweet and good of you, Diane. I am not sure he will grow to cook, but we sure have fun! I think you are wonderful to teach your granddaughter. She will forever be grateful. My daughter is a good cook (her husband loves it! LOL!), though she is a MESSY cook! haha! Cooking is an art, don’t you think?

    • Yes I think you are right. She couldn’t understand why I wasn’t angry so it was an good lesson, why get mad when it won’t change a thing. Besides, now she knows how not to hold the bowl when she stirs….lol

  4. Happy children when he lets them play cooking, do their own dishes. My grandson not only cooks, but even bakes bread. I am glad that you have a talented granddaughter.

    • Good for him! My granddaughter makes a bread that is my husbands favorite so when she makes it we all eat it but it has made for her grandpa. He teases her all the time how hungry he is for bread. I bet you have taught your grandson all he knows!

  5. I made these for Valentine’s Day! And good for you for getting tour granddaughter in the kitchen! I love that! Both my boys love to cook as they always helped me in the kitchen when they were young!

  6. That’s so sweet , beautiful thoughtful gifts indeed and making the chocolate covered strawberries with your granddaughter , truly special moments . Enjoy!

  7. What a positive experience for your granddaughter! That’s awesome and they look delicious. By the way, I made your Shepherd’s Pie over the weekend during our bitter cold and snow. It was SO good and we all enjoyed it, including Aaron. 🙂 Thank you for your good homecooked recipes, Diane.

  8. That’s so sweet (excuse the pun 😉) … I guess you’ve now got the proudest granddaughter ever. I remember how I helped my mom baking cookies for Christmas even before I went to school and more than 40 years later, those are still one of my favourite memories ❤️.

    • How special and what great memories. My memories were when my mom made pies and she gave me the leftover dough and enough pie filling to make a pie in my Easy Bake Oven. Then I ate my own little pie myself. Lol

  9. How pretty! They look so good!
    I always try to encourage my daughter to help me in the kitchen. But it makes me really happy when she wants to come up with a recipe all on her own. 🙂

  10. You and I have discussed this before Diane in other comments, as I wished my mom had let me learn how to cook in the kitchen, but this was her domain and she told me I could learn how to cook if I could read a cookbook, which I now don’t agree with. How beautiful the chocolate-covered strawberries are and your granddaughter will remember making these strawberries every time Valentine’s Day rolls around.

    • Thank you Linda for such a nice comment. I had her make snow ice cream today and she was so proud and told me I had to tell my followers she made it. She’s getting pretty comfortable in the kitchen. I agree with you Linda, your Mom should have taught you both ways. Reading recipes is very important but so is hands on learning.

      • You’re welcome Diane … that’s exciting about your granddaughter! You have inspired her to learn and try new things. I do wish my mom had taught me how to cook. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it, but right now, I can’t even say that when I retire that it would become a hobby as to learning how to cook or bake from scratch. In the eleven years, while being alone, I’ve not really made an effort to learn anything new. I am glad I got the crock pot and if I had more counter space, I’d consider other gadgets like your air fryer for example, but just having the crock pot there is a pain as it hogs up all the room on the counter and I have no cupboard space either. I have a table I put the crock pot on sometimes, but lack of counter space was a gripe my mom had and now I “get” it. My mom used her toaster oven a lot the last few years, but I’ve not used it at all as I don’t like how hot the cord got. She had to use a heavy-duty extension plug that plugged in behind the stove. But the toaster oven cord was very hot … I may need to have an electrician in down the line to check it out. I would not mind a microwave … but upstairs this time. I have a butcher block and that gives me some room, but not a lot … it would be either/or and that’s where it would go.

      • It would be difficult not having much counter space. I do have a ton of counter space and I have an island which is what I work off of. I have a coffee pot, Ninja slow cooker, Ninja Foodi, Knife block, microwave and Kitchen-aide mixer on my counters.

      • Yes, that is a big complaint of mine. My mom had the big Kitchen-aide mixer and I moved it and the toaster to the other counter where there is no plug. I don’t use either one and haven’t bought bread/bagels in a year since I last went shopping for perishables. But finding a place to put them is another story. I would love to have all that counterspace and when your gadgets are handy, you’re apt to use them more often. I use instant coffee, as it’s just me drinking it – I have only the one plug at the counter … the double sink takes up alot of space as well. The island sounds great … I can’t image that in here – the table is in the way as it is. Good thing I live alone!

  11. I think it’s fantastic that you’re encouraging your grandkids! I think if kids express an interest in something, the adults in their lives have to at least let them give it a try. Even if they lose interest, the memories they make as they experiment will stay with them forever ♥

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