Happy Birthday Jesus


I always thought it was important to teach my kids and my grandkids the true meaning of Christmas.


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  1. Merry Christmas Diane to you and your family. I taught my children the true reason for Christmas and my children have taught theirs. I too think it is important they know the truth.

  2. You raised all those young’uns right Diane. I thought perhaps that people would have a different take about Christmas this year due to the pandemic, but I’m not sure that happened.

      • Yes, I hope we remember the true meaning of Christmas too Diane – it is easy for people to get caught up in gift buying, glitz and glamour of parties and all the fun food and drinks at the holidays … this year, I think people had more meaning in their Christmas.

  3. For us, it’s a time to say thank you to the Lord for the greatest gift of all … Eternal life 🙏🏻. Thanks for reminding us Diane – hope you had a blessed Christmas 💌

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