Elf On The Shelf Day 7



My granddaughter loves doing the dance “The Floss”

and now it has rubbed off on my grandson. It looks

like Elfie has tried to join in on the fun too.


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    • Haha I am being accused of doing this by my 9 year old, yet she isn’t certain. I told her mom I am going to Face Time her and let her explain! Hopefully the Santa question doesn’t come up. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • I was tired last night and found Elfie on a table in my bedroom. The kids looked everywhere because I slept in and my husband put them on the bus without finding Elfie until they got home from school.

    • I can’t do the floss Linda, I tried and the grandkids cracked up. My granddaughter googled if Elfie was real and it said, well the truth. I told her to Face Time her mom and the fun is over for her. I expected her to figure it out last year because she is in 4th grade now. I remember I was in third grade when I did. At least I still have my grandson.

      • When I first heard of that dance, I went on YouTube to see it – nope, I’m not that coordinated to do it. Aw, that’s too bad she had to find out … bummer for kids when they get older, but worse if another kid at school tells them the truth about Santa, Elfie, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny. Enjoy your grandson and the mystique for now.

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