Halloween Spider


How fascinating is this! I was putting away my outside Halloween decorations at my cabana and when I took the pumpkins off of the straw bales, I found this little pumpkin on there too. It looks like it already had a face on top, do you see it?


This spider is called a Marbled Orb Weaver and you can see why it is also called the Halloween Spider.


That huge orange ball is full of hundreds of babies that will hatch in the spring.


Once the babies are born this mama will unfortunately die, living less than one year.


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    • In the spring she will lay hundreds then die. Stupid me, I released her about 6 feet from our cabana before I knew that gigantic abdomen was babies! Now I hope she didn’t go to hibernate on it or I will be knocking spiders off all of 2021! Lol

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  1. An interesting post about a spider I see for the first time. I’m afraid of big, hairy spiders. This one does not look harmless, it is rightly called Halloween. It looks like a pumpkin.

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  2. That is absolutely terrifying! 😳😳😳 How did you not scream when you saw it!? Shock aside, and since it’s another part of the world, it is quite a beautiful spider. Perfect colour and timing for Halloween! Was it moving when it spotted you?

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    • Yes she wouldn’t hold still because I uncovered her hiding spot, but she was very slow. I ran…to get my camera! They don’t bother me outside but they are not allowed to stay in my house! Lol


  3. I have several Orb Weavers around the house but not so colorful. Last year I saw a Marbled Orb Weaver hanging from a tree next to the pond at the back of the farm. Quite interesting and I managed to get a few photos. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. These are great up-close photos and that’s interesting Diane. Yes, I could see the face of the “pumpkin” … sad eyes and the long nose which reminded me of the “Kilroy was here” memes that circulated on the internet a few years ago. I’m no spider lover, indoors or outdoors. I’d have headed for the hills if I saw it. I didn’t know that about the baby spiders … so it will hibernate in the cabana over the Winter then – hopefully it likes the Christmas decor too. 🙂

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    • No-no-no I don’t want it to hibernate in the cabana!!!! I spray around the cabana to keep the spiders and bugs away. She was fascinating to look at in front of the cabana but I don’t want her on it….lol Stupid me, I moved her but only about 6 feet from the cabana. Hopefully she headed to the garden to hibernate. I don’t want hundreds of baby spiders on the cabana….lol

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      • Good – I remembered you said you would decorate for Christmas and if she is now hibernating for the Winter, you do not want to meet up with her. Hopefully she hightails it far away. 🙂

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      • I wasn’t able to get electric run to the cabana this year, too many other projects to get done. Hopefully next year I can get electric there and decorate. I was sitting under it today thinking about what I wanted to do.

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      • Next year hopefully things are not so crazy due to COVID – you have had your hands full. I know they see battery-operated door wreaths but I’m sure they cost you a lot in batteries to run them as the batteries would get so cold.


      • Yes, the solar lights don’t get that much sunlight, just on the rare bright and sunny days. Battery-operated lights would be too costly. That’s a shame – next year, you’ll have the contractors in and be good to go. I heard that lots of people are buying pizza ovens and patio heaters to prolong their patio time. I have heard of fire pits, but not patio heaters. That’s a good idea to extend the time outside if possible.

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      • Life after the vaccine will be normal again and you’ll have fun getting that cabana decorated and landscaped just the way you like it. Something to look forward to as we get through the cold, snowy Winter.


      • I can’t wait. Life has been renewed for me with the grandkids here. I am excited to have Thanksgiving dinner with them and we are already watching holiday shows on TV. They are talking about Santa and the presents. Asking questions about how Santa will deliver the presents with the virus. Never thought I would have a conversation like that!

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      • I justs heard what to tell your kids (or grandkids) when asked that because we actually have some Santas at malls with plexiglass shields and hand sanitizer – how odd is that? They said to tell the kids that Santa is using hand sanitizer after he comes back up the chimney and he is spraying the presents with disinfectant to keep them safe. And kids are encouraged to not visit Santa at the mall but use Zoom to give him their “list”.

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  5. I love orb weavers. I don’t do much like their creations at 7am when it is just getting light and I’m getting ready to milk my girls. Almost every day I walk through a different warm in the same place; the door frame to the milk barn.

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