Happy Halloween


Halloween is not only fun Trick or Treating for my grandchildren, it is also a day of celebration for my family. I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my Dad, grandson and cousin all born on Halloween day.


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  1. This year is sad. Even cemeteries were closed due to the pandemic. You should not leave home unnecessarily. Closed within four walls, we can only make great dishes. Thank you.

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    • Glad when this is over. Hasn’t been real bad where we live but still taking precautions. Scary because my daughter is a RN nurse and works in ICU and we take care of her kids while she works. My husband works in the hospital too. My daughter in law is a nurse practitioner. My sister in law is a home health care aide and she just got Covid but lives out of state. We’re doomed!

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  2. WOW!! That’s incredible and definitely one for the record books. My sister and I share a birthday, both born on Feb 27; I was her birthday gift when she turned four! I don’t think she’s completely forgiven me for disrupting her birthday party when mom had to suddenly rush to the hospital! 😂 🎂


  3. That’s a lot of birthdays at one time – lots of cake being eaten for sure! I am finally catching up here a bit and thought I’d be here earlier but Comcast did some type of upgrade (probably 5G) and shut down my internet from 1:00 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. and of course I had to finish what I was working on once the internet came up again.

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