Air Fryer Brats Or Italian Sausage


Brats or Italian Sausage taste great when made in the Air Fryer. My Pepper Jack Cheese Brats cooked in under 15 minutes. They were juicy and tasted great. This is the only way I have been making brats and Italian sausage lately. The secret to the perfect air fryer brats or sausage is checking the temperature so you don’t overcook them.


Any type of brats or Italian sausage will turn out great.


Spray the air fryer pan with cooking oil then place the brats or Italian sausage into the pan. My Ninja Foodi has this rack which I like to use instead of my air fryer pan but I still cook them on the air fryer setting.


Preheat the air fryer to 360 degrees then cook for 5 minutes.


Carefully turn the brats over and cook for 5 more minutes. Check the internal temperature by placing the thermometer in the end but inserting it to the middle of the brat or sausage. Try not to break the skin except on the end.


The internal temperature needs to be 160 degrees, not any less. If it is not 160 degrees, continue cooking in two minute increments. Try not to let the temperature get over 165 degrees for the perfectly cooked brat or sausage. Keep in mind they do not look like they do on a grill when they are at temperature but they sure do taste as good as the grill.


  1. We make sausages just like that and call them Cumberland pigs. One cannot buy a proper breakfast banger here so never give in made my own .Can buy really good thin cocktail sausage in shops and hot Italian ones. Air frying not tried as yet. Big aga back now colder nights are here so cooking is more a long term cook in ovens. Love roast pork done in hot oven with roaties and chard veg .Yorkshires in other oven rise to 5 inch high and wide. Fill with lovely London gravy made for juices and stock thickened with bread crumbs and potato starch. Apples sauce with nutmeg and real bangers done in oven. A real British Sunday meal.costs nothing to cook as Aga heats the house and cooks food.On falling oven bake five loaves of bread for the week ahead.

  2. I will have to try this. I have some Italian Sausage that I would normally do on the grill, so will give this a try. I can smell them already.

    • Don’t let them get as dark as the grill does or they will be overcooked. In mine I do 5 minutes, turn then 5 minutes, turn and 2 minutes and they are at temp. Also when you check the temperature poke from the end so the juices don’t run out as much. They have turned out perfect every time and I have made them a lot. Love the air fryer…lol

  3. I can’t remember that last time I had sausage – my father was German … we had bratwurst a lot growing up. My mom used hot and mild Italian sausage for her sausage and bean soup but I’ve never had them like this still in the skin.

    • The large links are my favorite way to eat them. They are good grilled, broiled, air fryer and even pan fried. I keep a bunch in my freezer and even if I need bulk sausage for a recipe I just remove it from the casing. Happy Halloween!🎃

      • That makes sense to do that – they are so flavorful … Happy Halloween back at you Diane. Bet you took some cute photos with the grandkids whether they were with you or just came to visit!

      • You know I asked her to send them…lol I FaceTimed the kids and they had all their candy on the floor. I told them I can’t wait to babysit Tuesday and get into their candy…lol Later that night my daughter told my son to get ready for bed. He was in his bedroom a long time so she went to investigate. He was taking all his toys and piling them up high in the corner. My daughter asked him what in the world was he doing? He said “Grandma won’t find my candy here!” 🤣😂🤣

    • You won’t be sorry I really love it. Once you find a recipe you like write it down. I am keeping track of mine too. I have already referred back to them more than once.

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