Air Fryer Pot Holders


Do you remember making these Pot Holders when you were a child? I sure do and they were so much fun that I bought the loom kit for my granddaughter a few years ago. I was excited when I figured out that these Pot Holders that my granddaughter made for me, were perfect for my Ninja Foodi air fryer basket.

I have cherished these pot holders she made for me, but they are too small for the large baking dishes I cook with so I have only used them as a hot pad for under my pots and pans……until now!

My regular Pot Holders are so large that they fall into the cooked food in the Air Fryer basket when I take the basket out of the unit. Not only is that unsanitary but I have to wash my Pot Holders every time too.

I realize most Air Fryers have a handle to remove the pan, but on my Ninja Foodi that’s not the case. They sell silicone Pot Holders for this reason and cost around $10.00 and the price of mine……priceless!

So put your kids or grandchildren to work with a fun day of making these Pot Holders to give to you or as Christmas gifts. Nothing says love better than handmade!


  1. Those handmade potholders bring back lots of memories! I’d forgotten how tiny they were, though! It looks like they make the materials in brighter colors now than they did way back when. It’s great you’ve found a perfect use for them.

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  2. What a lovely homemade gift! 😁 It’s lovely to always have their memory while using your Foodie!

    And I think you could get your grandkids to start a little Etsy business with their beautiful creations. Just saying! 😉

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    • I actually had the silicone store bought ones on my Christmas list. After using these loomed potholders I removed the silicone ones from my list….hopefully before anyone bought them! These are perfect and better than any store bought!


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