❤Happy Mother’s Day❤


Happy Mother’s Day to everyone that takes on the Mom role in a child’s life. Being a Mom does not just mean that you gave birth to a child. Being a Mom is someone that makes a difference in a childs life. So Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mom’s out there.

I also want to wish my Mom a Happy Mother’s Day! I love you Mom!



My daughter gave me some very thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day. One of them is the picture at the top of my post. Another is this brilliant and unique ceramic tile. It has both of my kids names on it (Mike & Amy) and the year my son was born, which is also the year I became a Mom! 




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  1. God gave me the perfect gift when you were born. I have always said that you were an old fashioned girl in a new fashioned world. You have been a wonderful daughter, mother and granddaughter. I love you so much and cannot wait to be with you. Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful daughter Diane. Love Mom

  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Diane. Today’s your day to do what makes you happiest! <3

  3. Happy Mother’s Day and you’re right its not just about giving birth to child! Making a difference in a child’s life could make that difference that changes the world for the better. Thank you so much for this.

      • Since the people infected are so low in our area my daughter and I decided to let them go home for half the week. Since my daughter works Friday-Saturday-Sunday 12 hours shifts we keep them from Thursday night until Monday morning. That mean she gets the schooling four days and us one day. My granddaughter helps my grandson do his work almost entirely and she does all of hers by herself. She is doing 4th grade work in 3rd grade so everything is easy to her. Should the virus break out again they will move back in with us because my daughter will be more exposed. She is doing a great job staying virus free as they just tested her and she was negative! Thanks for asking Jess!

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