Two Minute Microwave Taco Shell


I always seem to have tortillas but not taco shells. Did you know that you can turn a tortilla into a crispy taco shell in just two minutes, in the microwave and without frying it in oil? It really is that easy.






Place the tortillas into a

large deep coffee mug.



Place the mug on its side in the microwave.



Microwave for 2 minutes or

until the tortilla is crispy.

Then remove from the mugs.



Make your taco!

Categories: Bread, Cooking Tips, Microwave


  1. Diane! My mind is officially blown right now! 😲 I had no idea you could make tortilla perfection like this, so easily and quickly at that! I will be trying this one in the very near future I do believe! πŸ˜€

    Thanks, as always, for your awesome tips. You’re the best Diane!


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