Homemade Mayonnaise


Why in the world would you spend so much money on Mayonnaise from the store when you can make this recipe in just minutes. You won’t buy Mayonnaise this fresh or cheap in any store and this creamy Homemade Mayonnaise tastes delicious!

To view the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


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    • You’re welcome Mel! This is one of those fun things to make. Reminds me of shaking cream to make butter, you shake and shake then in an instance it turns to butter. Same way with this only it’s the immersion blender.

  1. If you substitute juice from the jar of your favourite home-made pickles instead of lemon juice, it tastes really wonderful. Mom use to do that all the time.

    • Oh no! You found a recipe you don’t like…lol I love Miracle Whip too but there are certain things that I have to have made with mayonnaise such as crab salad. Maybe if you put a cookie on top? 🤣😂🤣😂

      • You ruined a perfectly good cookie lol!!

        Reminds me of a prank some guys at work pulled… they took donuts and put mayonnaise, ranch and mustard and filled them and one of the guys ate a mayonnaise donut… didn’t phase him.. 🤢

    • This is fool proof if your follow the directions exactly. It is ready in about 5 minutes from start (getting ingredients together) to finish. Thank you for your nice comment Julia!

    • Oh Michelle you have to try it! It is amazing how it turns to mayonnaise in a minute! The flavor is so good too. With no preservatives it won’t last like store bought does but ours is always gone before it has a chance to go bad anyway.

  2. Hi, quite a quick and easy recipe to follow. Thank you for sharing. One question though – Have you tried using mustard oil? Do you think it will emulsify as beautifully ?

    • I have not and honestly don’t know. It would be worth trying because there is so few ingredients in the recipe that even if it doesn’t work you won’t be out much. I know one follower said her mom uses dill pickle juice instead of lemon juice so the mustard oil just may work too. If you give it a try please let me know if it works. I really think it will work.

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