Amish Style Meatloaf


For the cost of 1# of ground beef, two types of cheese and a few other ingredients you can make this delicious Amish Style Meatloaf for your family tonight. This is made from scratch without canned soup, just a fabulous flavor!

To view the recipe and the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. This looks delicious Diane. My mom made lasagna meatloaf and it looked just like this – meatloaf always looks delicious to me, especially with lots of cheese on it. She also made it plain, cooked with Lipton instant onion soup – I mention that in case it is not a common way to make meatloaf but it gave it a nice flavor.

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    • The Lipton recipe is my husbands favorite meatloaf recipe, but not mine because the soup mix doesn’t agree with me. This one I made for me and it is delicious and doesn’t bother my stomach at all. Another blogger said it well that this tasted like lasagna without the noodles. Thank you Linda!

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