Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies


If you love Oatmeal Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies you have to try these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are a nice change to regular Oatmeal Cookies and a delicious cookie for Christmas or anytime.

Click HEREย to see the step by step directions with a printable recipe card.




  1. They look good and bring back memories – my mom made her oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and light-colored raisins – yum. She also had a fun recipe with potato chips and chocolate chips in a cookie – that was the best of both worlds, salty and sweet.

    • I love raisins and chocolate chips in oatmeal cookies and always make them one way or the other. Never tried them together! And what in the world….potato chips in cookies!!! I have never heard of that either. I would have gotten along good with your mom!

      • During the Ethiopian Famine crisis, I asked some of the staff is they would like to have a bake sale and give money to the Red Cross – everyone was game and so we hung up a calendar and it filled up quickly for after Thanksgiving through around the 20th of December. Most of the attorneys also brought in treats and everything went for a quarter. (This was 1984 and we did it many years and the first year we raised $250.00 and the law firm partners matched it so we sent in $500.00.) Anyway, my mom did her oatmeal/raisin/chocolate chip cookies one time and the potato chip/chocolate chip cookies the other time. People raved and I had to get the recipe. The potato chip cookies were a thinner cookie and crumpled up chips into the batter. They were wonderful … they had that sweet and salty thing going on. Here is a recipe for you to see:

      • It turned out well – we got the most treats on Mondays as people baked over the weekend. The most-popular item was brownies … one of the young attorneys brought in brownies with crushed-up candy canes on top and people went crazy for them! You’ll like those salty/sweet combo cookies. Even the crusty, old senior partner brought in what he called “Gorp” – never heard of that but it was trail mix with M&Ms in it and he put them in fancy bags with curling ribbon – I’m sure his wife did all that, but I was surprised. He was the administrative partner who suggested the partner match – I was surprised too.

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