Amish Bulk Food Store Day Trip


Have you ever visited an Amish bulk food store? If not and you ever see one stop! However, this bulk food store is very special and at the end of this post you will read why. You can’t miss this store because they have the world’s largest horse and buggy right in their front yard. It is beautiful and like all Amish made furniture, spectacular workmanship.



Inside you will find handmade items for sale.



Along with their cheese.



I always buy the items I can’t find where I live.

I can’t wait to see what these taste like.

I have never tasted Quail Eggs.



If you have followed me for a while you

know I love hot spicy food. This caught

my attention because it said

Red Hot “Hot Polish Sausage.”

Yes I bought this too.



I have never tried Pork Hocks and I love

pickled food so these went with us too.



They make the best breads.



My favorite section is the bulk cooking section

where I buy my herbs (that I don’t grow and

dehydrate myself), pasta, flour, sugar etc.

Their prices are so much cheaper

than the grocery store prices.



I love reading about the Amish way

of life or any stories about the Amish.



I love the variety of things they sell.

Not a huge quantity but great variety.



Produce is always a welcomed sight.



They have a free post card to take home.



Their business card in case you are in

the area and want to check them out.


I will end this post with the history of Beyond Measure Market.

I did not receive any compensation for this post and they did not ask me to post this. When you read the screen shots I took of their brochure to share with you, you will understand why I think this is such a fabulous place to visit.







  1. I live near the central and southeastern PA Amish communities. Someday you should place a visit to Root’s Market in Mannheim PA. I believe I wrote about it on a blog post a few years ago (LOL–can’t quite remember). It’s almost but not entirely Amish, and you do see things you wouldn’t find otherwise!

  2. Sounds like an awesome trip, thanks for sharing the experience! I’m so fascinated by our still thriving self-reliant communities, so much to learn from them, such a respect for nature and for future generations.

  3. My aunt and uncle got back from a trip where they visited an Amish store and they said the furniture is so beautiful. I would love to visit one. I probably buy a ton of cheese. I am a cheese fanatic.

  4. We have a lot of Amish in our area that sells homemade goods from their homes. When we were in PA we visited an Amish store that was a wonderful experience. 💕

    • Wow they sell them from their homes? In the area we go they park their buggy and set up a table and sell on corners. It is so nice to get quality food and at such reasonable prices.

      • Yes in our area many sell from their homes. Pies and other home goods. Plus quilts. The family typically comes out when you arrive. The men and boys are often in the barn. Everyone is typically barefoot. The little kids are so cute. 💕💕💕

  5. I grew up in Akron which was a stone throw from Hartville and community that had Amish farms. We would go often to their monthly flea market and also the store that was on the site. I know that Ashland County also had many Amish farms too. It is certainly a nice way to spend a day. Thanks for sharing your road trip.

  6. I’m a bit confused about the intent of this store, and MAP. The testimony at the end seems to be that MAP had “saved” this person, but then the person went right back to the group that had . . . well, I’m not sure what they had, or had not, done. The story seems incomplete somehow. How did these people become such pariahs that they were “dropped off with nothing but the clothes on their backs”? And why would they return to what seems to have been an abusive place?

    Virtual hugs,


    • I think the store helps to cover the cost of housing them and anything else they need. However, if you go to they explain things a little more and there are more testimonies. There is a link on there to learn more about the founders which tells a lot too. Check it out if you get a chance. I hope this answers your questions.

    • Gladly! Anything weird I will try. Tomorrow I am fixing frog legs for the grandkids and telling them it’s chicken…hahahaha I bought them suckers with a cricket and scorpion in them. My grandson said yuck and my granddaughter licked them both then put them down. I doubt she will get to the bugs.

  7. This sounds like a wonderful Ministry. I know from my reading, that those who leave the Amish Communities often find themselves struggling and this sounds like one group that supports this group immensely. Thanks for sharing Diane.

    • Yes it sure does. It looks like they are making a little homestead with a four unit apartment building behind the store for those in need. It will be fascinating to see how it grows over the years. You are very welcome Carla!

    • Thank you for that Donna! I know everyone loves to see recipes so I thought my readers would love to see where I get a lot of my ingredients to make them. I was hoping my followers would find it as interesting as I do. ❤

    • Yes it is! What’s funny is when I first walked in there I had no idea what they were about until we went to pay and they said they had a brochure about their history by the door so I grabbed one.

  8. Alright Diane I like what I’m seeing lately. Getting out on the scene and hustling for your blog🤣💕we can’t always sit behind the screen right?

      • Lol..well that’s true but I was referring to you getting out for new in the field I guess you could say. Usually I write about things that are research based and I don’t have to leave the house, but every now and then I’ll get out there for a story, take pictures and maybe do an interview. It brings a whole new dynamic to your blog.

  9. Thank you for the tour of the Amish store, Diane. Too bad Ohio is so far from Colorado, otherwise I would swing by. If we ever find ourselves back in the Midwest, we will put it on our wish list!

  10. Amish Bulk stores are fabulous! I have been to this one.

    I had Amish working at our LakeHouse for a few years. I got to know many in 2 families. Great families!

    Funny tidbit… They can’t own electricity or phones but will use your electric tools and use your cell phone for all their business contacts. 😄

  11. Amish Bulk food stores are fabulous! I’ve been to this one.

    I had 2 Amish families do work at the LakeHouse for a few summers. I got to know these families very well. Great families.

    Funny tidbit. They can not own electricity or phones or vehicles etc. But they will use your electric tools, your cell phones for contacting all their business contacts, and hire drivers to get to places the horse and buggy can not.😊

  12. We have two Amish bulk food stores here and I like shopping there on occasion. The only drawback is I have to take cash because they don’t take debit cards (no electricity for the debit card machine). I knew a lady in Seymour (Missouri) who owned a store there. The Amish there didn’t have their own store because something to do with needing an electronic scale. Anyway, my ex and I had considered opening a bulk food store at one point and the lady gave us a ton of information. Most of the bulk food comes from Dutch Valley who buys from Kellogs, General Mills, etc. and sells it to the bulk stores who repackage it into smaller bags. I have one of their catalogs and it is HUGE but most are the same thing you buy from Wal-Mart or the local grocery store. Of course, the Amish stores do have a lot of Amish products as well. Interesting how we have two “Amish” stores here but the Amish do most of their shopping at the local supermarket. The canned goods and cheeses are supposedly from Amish (or Mennonite) sources although some of these companies may not necessarily be “Amish” owned. Very seldom have I been at their stores and seen any Amish shopping.

  13. I am getting hungry just looking at this. I have had quails eggs but never pickled and that cheese section looks incredible. I love pork hocks (or ham hocks as they are sometimes called here) but I have never seen them in a jar before. As for that hot Polish sausage I did not even see that in Poland or maybe I just did not understand the label. Not a problem though as there are any mount of Polish shops in London where I live so I shall be making enquiries.

    • My daughter in laws parents are Polish and they came here from the boat over 20 years ago and became US citizens. They make all Polish food from scratch and it is amazing! I think the pork hocks were pickled too, I love pickled food. You are so lucky to live in London Fergy!

      • I have been to Poland a few times and I love the food there, as indeed in all Eastern Europe. There is none of your fancy nouvelle cuisine there (although no doubt it is starting to creep in) but rather big plates of food that sticks to your ribs as we used to say at home. It is great.

        Have you ever had flaki (tripe soup)? A bit of an acquired taste but I love it.

      • Yes he sent us home a big bowl. I didn’t care for it but it is very well liked in their family! He is always so proud when he makes it. He said it takes hours to make.

  14. That’s interesting Diane. I think I mentioned before that I went to Shipshewana awhile ago. My mom and I made the trip and enjoyed it – I believe we had lunch there and brought home some strawberry-rhubarb preserves (several jars and they were moldy unfortunately) and some baked items which were excellent. In Ontario we went to St. Jacob where the Mennonites live in a small town and sell their wares.I like the horse and buggy! How were the quail eggs?

    • They are canned but I haven’t tried them yet. Since we only go twice a year I try to space out eating the different foods. I may do a post on them when I eat them. What a shame the preserves were moldy! I have never had that happen.

      • Yes, it was too bad – my mom used to do her strawberry-rhubarb, stewed but not into preserves; she’d just make a few batches and we had it over ice cream or on toast, but not preserves, so she was anticipating how good it was going to be.

  15. Wow, Diane! Awesome choices! I love quail eggs but, have never tried pickled pork hock– sounds tasty! Amish people are so interesting.

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