Slow Cooker Apple Butter


Doesn’t fall just scream apples. I love to use them to make Apple Butter in the slow cooker. Place all of the ingredients into the slow cooker, stir and wait for the most amazing aroma & taste ever! It is so easy to make Apple Butter this way.

Last year we decided to cut our three apple trees down so no more free apples for me! They were over 30 years old and not producing quality apples. Anyone that has had apple trees understands the work involved in picking up apples that are not good enough to eat. My poor husband would haul more than 20 carts of apples to the back of our property to discard them. It was back breaking work. We have plenty of orchards near us so I guess I will be visiting one soon.

I have posted this recipe before, so if you would like the step by step directions with a printable recipe card, click this link: Slow Cooker Apple Butter

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  1. Along with watermelon pickles, I’ve made apple butter exactly once, but your easy instructions make it attractive. Safeway has their Galas on sale this week for 15 cents a pound, so maybe a few will make their way into my cart.

    Virtual hugs,


    • That is a great price!!! I haven’t made watermelon pickles in about 10 years! I love them. My family always makes fun of me saying I must be the only person that buys a watermelon for the rind…hahaha

      • Every week they seem to have something at a ridiculously low price – as a loss leader. One week recently, it was delightful corn at three cents each!

        I can recall the consistency of the watermelon pickles, but am fuzzy on the actual spice used. I could go look it up, but I’m thinking ??cloves??

  2. Ooo, I love this! I’m wondering if you’ve ever tried making this apple butter with crab apples? I have two big, beautiful crab apple trees in my yard but I always struggle to come up with recipes with them that aren’t apple sauce.

    • OMG I have one crab apple tree! I have never thought about eating them. The birds pick the berries off during the winter though. Please share what you have made with your crab apples. I love trying new things, especially when I have a tree!

  3. I make mine in the slow cooker as well, Diane. It’s wonderful! We have a couple sad apple trees that need to come down as well. Thanks for sharing! 😊

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

    • Aw so sorry about your trees. Our 3 trees were here when we moved in and were in such sad shape. They had never been pruned and you couldn’t even walk under them. I have no idea how old they were then but they were full grown. We have lived here 27 years so they were probably 40 years old.

  4. My mom used to make applesauce, peeled by hand then boiled them down but the neighbor across the street had a big apple tree with many apples in their backyard They didn’t spray so they got all wormy apples which they used for applesauce.

  5. I made apple butter last winter in the crockpot from apple sauce. I posted the recipe. I had gotten far to many cans of apple sauce from the food pantry and I had seen a YT video where someone was using the same bran of applesauce for making apple butter. So I tried it an it turned out delicious. I ended up with a dozen pints. Now I have to be creative with the apple butter. I bet your kitchen smelled really good while it was cooking.

  6. I lost my recipe so I used yours last year and passed it on to my daughter. I was a hit. Used this to pour over sliced pork loin and it was a huge hit.

  7. So sorry to hear your apple trees had to go! Totally understandable though, your husband deserves the relief. I’ve actually never had apple butter… somehow, I can imagine the aroma… mmm.

  8. We’ve just planted two potted miniature apple trees, a pink lady and a Granny Smith. I wonder if I’ll get a surplus to make this – I hope so. It looks very easy, and delicious too.

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