Frigidaire Electric Range Review


I have died and gone to Heaven! I splurged on this new Frigidaire Range because it was on sale and almost half price! I have had the same old style electric range for over 40 years. My last one was 10 years old and still worked OK. It had the round burners that plugged in and a drip pan that was impossible to keep clean. It was self cleaning and I knew exactly how it cooked but it was time for a new one.

Now this new one is completely different! I have never cooked on a ceramic cooktop and I love it! It has five burners! There are three burners in the back and two burners in the front. However, the two burners in the front have 5 different sizes. Here is what I am talking about.



 A burner for a small pan.



Or turn it to heat for a medium pan.



Or the same burner will even heat a large pan!

The burner to the left does the same thing only for two size pans.

I love the feature that a light on the control panel stays on even when the

burners are off indicating the top is still hot. The instructions tell you

before you use it for the first time, use a ceramic cleaning product on the

ceramic top. This keeps the food from sticking permanently to the top.

I bought a kit that came with a pad to apply it, a scraper and the liquid cleaner.

It reminds me of car wax as it puts a coating on the ceramic top.



Other features I love is that the oven has three shelves and is a

self cleaning oven. I’m not done yet! This is also a convection oven!

A convection oven is totally new to me. It is supposed to cook your

food quicker and more evenly as it blows the hot air with a fan.

I am excited to try this feature but nervous my recipes may not turn

out right until I figure it out. Time will tell and so will the recipes I post!


What are the cons? So far the only things I have to be careful with is not to scratch the ceramic top. As my regular followers know, I use cast iron pans a lot. The instructions stated I can use cast iron pans as long as I keep the top coated with a protective wax like product for ceramic tops and don’t slide the pans across the top. The other con I have is that I like to do canning. The instructions stated you can do canning on this cooktop as long as you do not put more than 50 pounds on the ceramic top.

I can work around both of these cons without too much inconvenience and I am thrilled to have this Frigidaire Electric Range!

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  1. There’s just nothing like getting the right equipment in the kitchen! Really happy for you.

    And! Your happy post was a lovely way to wake up, so thank you. Have a great day!

  2. Congrats!! It took a little bit for me to get used to our electric glass top but now I love it! Hope you get to make some awesome new recipes on it soon!

  3. YES I have a black top ceramic stove range for summer and wood stove for winter where we need the neat of Aga I would say without it all would be back in dark ages .Good recipe dear lady all good and happy. i am baking King Edward potatoes as over wedges and then crumbling goats cheese over and grilling a bit until as I like. small been cocktail sausages and good drop of herb sauce and should be good eating

  4. That is amazing! I like how the two front burners have heat settings for different size pots. I’m know you’ll be cooking and baking many delectable meals and goodies! God bless you!

    • Now I don’t want to get anything on it…lol We fixed the grandkids pizza on the rack and it was broke in with crumbs on the bottom of the oven. I guess it had to happen…hahahaha

  5. Don’t have a snazzy range like this; but, we kept our old standalone oven and – in a new enclosure my skiled father-in-law built – we added a new convection-capable oven above our original. My favorite use is baking weekly bread in a clay cloche using the oven on normal heat and, then, taking the loaf from the cloche, setting it on the permanent baking stone I keep on the bottom rack, doing the final crust formation with the oven in convection mode.

    Rocket fast and easy to tweak even by the minute.

  6. I have a glass-top stove too and when we got it, my mom, who always did all the cooking, liked her electric burner stove better. She used to say it did not heat up evenly – she got used to it eventually, but used her toaster oven more than the oven part. It is great that you have the convection oven as well. You really treated yourself!

      • That was a great deal Diane! My mom got hers because after replacing the big burner on the electric stove (multiple times), there was something wrong and the repairman suggested the cost would be prohibitive and it would be cheaper to just get a new stove.

      • Yes, my mom never got used to it – the big burner up front was worrisome for her too – she did not like “that much burner” up front as she had to lean over it to reach the back of the stove as she was very short and was big up top – I had neither of those last two problems. 🙂

  7. Beautiful kitchen, easy to keep clean, but more expensive and you need to have special pots.
    I am glad that you have the kitchen of your dreams, let it serve you well.

  8. Congratulations! You will love this stove. Mine doesn’t have convection, but that’s a cool feature. I couldn’t find any info on using cast iron skillets, but I did on the canner. I use a standard size Presto Pressure Canner. I think big water bath canners are definitely out. I use a stock pot to water bath pint jars of jelly, etc.

    • I didn’t even know they existed until I started researching them recently. The burner on the left is called a quick boil and the middle burner in the back says keep warm burner. I love it!

  9. Hi Diane. I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger aware. If you feel like participating great, but if not, no problem (it doesn’t fit the vibe of everyone’s site).

  10. This looks amazing! How cool to have a fifth burner and three shelves in the oven. Just be very careful about sliding things over it, learned that the hard way with an old one of mine, unfortunately.

    • I really researched ranges before ordering this one. I used my cast iron pan today with no issues. But yes, still going to be very careful and keep the protective liquid coating on it. Thanks for the advice, this is all new to me!

  11. Is it safe or at least confortable to use the controls when you have all the burners in use? Looks like having a pasta and a soup cooking would reduce access.

    • That’s a good point Robert. This range is safer than my old one. The old one had a large burner in the back and one in the front. Same with the small burners, back and front. When I put a large pot on the large burner in the back I had trouble getting to the control. With this new range, only small burners are in the back so I can get to the controls.

  12. Congratulations on your new stove!!! So much fun. I did scratch mine! The convection never seems to work for me. Haha maybe you will figure it out. Have fun!! 💕 💕 💕

    • Hurry the sale ends July 10th with mine. All the big store have them on sale now. I even bought a new refrigerator (on sale). That’s how I found my range…lol

  13. Ahhh adulting goals! Lol. This looks super nice!! I cant believe it’s self cleaning that sounds insanely crazy to me lol.
    Yay for you for splurging!!

  14. OMG Diane she is gorgeous and if anybody deserves a new stove AKA electric range it is you!!!! So happy for you my heart is singing happy songs again you totally deserve it!!!

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