Hearty & Creamy Potato Soup


Hearty & Creamy Potato Soup with chunks of potatoes and a taste that will leave you asking for more! This Creamy Potato Soup is a soup that my husband has made for quite a few years now. This is a must try recipe!

Click on the link below to view the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.


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  1. Love your recipes! Can you use Chicken Broth in place of the Bouillon Cubes….if so, how much Chicken Broth/Stock? I SO APPRECIATE YOUR HELP ON THIS….THANK YOU.

    • Yes you can. Just use the same amount of chicken broth as the water in the recipe. I think it was 96 oz. Then eliminate the water and bouillon cubes. You are very welcome! This is an amazing soup!

  2. I love potato soup! With a little hot sauce and some cornbread or biscuit to dip in.

    • I know me too! It always tastes better when somebody else makes it. I always tell my husband I can’t make it as good as him so he makes more…shaking his head. I also tell him I can’t grill as well as him too, I don’t have to do that either…hahahaha

  3. I love potato soup – my mom used to make hers from scratch too and we always had “pigs in blankets” with it. I can just taste those sausages that she would be frying up with onions in the morning before I left for school or work, and then baking them later in that melt-in-your-mouth pastry … oh, the smells (and the calories).

    • I like that! Anytime my hubby cooks (which isn’t very much) It is nice! Saw lots of squirrels today on my mile walk with client! Somebody had peanuts as the shells were on the trail and I thought of you…lol

      • Oh yes, I miss that Diane … the aromas when walking in the house and sniffing appreciatively! Whenever my mom made soup, she made garlic toast or cornbread twists and for potato soup, always those “pigs in blankets” … those delicious smells from something simmering or baking. I’d be hungry anticipating dinner – my dinners are so lame, there is nothing to look forward to! As to the walks, next you’ll be toting along peanuts in the shell, and Nutter Butters … AND your camera. 🙂

  4. I made this yesterday Diane and it was great! My internet has been down since Monday, so I’ve had to go to the library to check my emails, but I now have more time to cook! My mother enjoyed it too.

  5. Evaporated milk is often treated like the poor cousin of the “creaming” ingredients, but it has been a kitchen standard for ages! My mom used it all the time for anything creamed. If you taste it from the can, it is not terribly inviting. But added to any soup, it is a star, it is cheap, and if you use the canned skim milk, it is really a healthful ingredient.

  6. Ok, this looks way better than the potato soup I get at the store. I have to try this! I never eat potato soup because of the soup we get at the store, and trust me, its weird. The store potato soup is alright but the potatoes in it are soo weird! When you bite into them they shoot this weird tasting crème into your mouth. But anyways enough of that.
    I’m glad I finally got on wordpress to see this recipe, Thank you Diane! 😀 Have a great weekend

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