Cast Iron Personal Pan Pizza


If you don’t own a Cast Iron Pan, you should get one just for Pizza! Pizza tastes amazing made in a Cast Iron Pan. All my single followers, this is perfect for you too. Pizza is so easy to make and I love that each one of us can make our own Pizza the way we each like it. If you don’t have a Cast Iron Pan, you can still make this recipe using any other type of pan.

Click on the link below to see my step by step directions for Cast Iron Personal Pan Pizza with step by step directions and a printable recipe card.

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  1. I missed out on a sale for a set of those pans. Friend who cooks suggested I get them cuz they’re the best. Waiting for the next sale…

    • You can find them a lot cheaper on garage sale sites but they usually take some elbow grease to season them. I found a huge set for $15.00 but that was a young girl selling her grandmas pans, she had passed away. She didn’t know what she was selling. Did I feel guilty? A little….lol

  2. Homemade pizza is the bee’s knees! Truthfully, I’m picking it up more than I’m making it, but every time we make it at home we ask ourselves why we don’t do it more often?!

  3. Still have my old Lodge cast iron 12-inch-ish griddle w/handle I used to use. When I got serious (OK, nutsy) about baking our weekly bread I found a full-size baking tile that sits permanently in the oven. That helps with the occasional pizza baked at 500 degrees F.

    Grew up with neighborhood pizzerias running coke-fired ovens at 600-800 degree ovens, BTW.

  4. We had a small and large cast iron pan – when my father worked in Ohio, he took them with him … that was the end of that. This pizza looks so darn good!

      • That’s good to know Diane – my mom used hers all the time, my grandmother too. I think my father took them when he started working in Ohio. We had to get new frying pans and got Teflon, then couldn’t use Teflon as we had a canary and you can’t use Teflon in the same room as it bothers their respiratory system.

      • We didn’t either until we got a canary – we had parakeets for years. Can’t iron in the same room, and can’t leave the oven door open to cool as the Teflon fumes will fill the room.

      • You’re welcome Diane and also tell your mom not to use any aerosol sprays around her canary as well. We learned a lot when we got our bird. Teflon has some type of noxious fumes which irritate their respiratory system – the canary’s mouths/throats are different than a parakeet’s and that gives them the ability to sing.

    • Cracker Barrel sells them. Start with a frying pan shape to get the most use from it. Just remember after you use it, wash it and dry immediately. Put it on a burner and get hot to make sure it is dry then use a shortening like Crisco and carefully grease the hot pan. I use a paper towel. Leave it on the heat a minute until it just starts to smoke. Remove from the burner and wipe dry with more paper towel. This will keep the iron from rusting and keep the finish non-stick. I know this sounds like a lot of work but this only takes a couple of minutes and is so worth it!

      • I knew you had to season it, but this is an easy way to do it. Thanks Diane, I am going to look around while I am down in Florida and see what I can find.

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