Home Grown Strawberries


If you have ever considered planting a strawberry patch….do! We planted ours last year. The first year you plant it, it is very important to pick off all of the flowers so the energy can go into building the plant and not the strawberries. This is so hard to do because you want to eat strawberries but don’t give in! This huge bowl was one days picking and I don’t have a large strawberry patch. Tomorrow I will post my recipe for Old Fashion Strawberry Shortcake!


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  1. Over a period of a couple years, we dumped our grass clippings on a patch of land about 8 x12 feet. It became compost not through any particular effort on our part. But then one year we put several strawberry plants in that plot and they soon took it over. We had an abundant and delicious supply of strawberries that year that we will never forget even though we moved to a new home the following year.

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