Asparagus Soup


I posted this recipe last year when the Asparagus started popping out of the ground in my garden. I have been growing asparagus for over twenty years now. Asparagus and rhubarb are the first signs of life in my garden and I can’t wait to start eating them both. My husband doesn’t like Asparagus so it’s all mine! I can’t possibly eat all of the quantity that grows so I turn it into this delicious soup and freeze it so I can eat it all year long. Below is the link to this fabulous recipe!

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    • All I do is keep straw over the ground and pick each stalk before it goes to seed. I don’t pick any that are pencil size or smaller. I stop picking it in June so the plants can grow and the energy goes back into the roots. I leave the dried plants all winter and remove them in the spring before the new shoots start popping up. I don’t even fertilize mine, I think the decomposing straw helps with that because I get an amazing crop every year. Good luck!

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