Regrowing Green Onions


It works!!!! For everyone that saw my blog on Regrowing Celery and told me you can do it with Green Onions too, thank you, are right! When we buy Green Onions from the grocery store, I keep them in a glass with a little water to keep them green longer. I take a plastic bag and place it over the top of the Green Onions and place a rubber band around the plastic bag and the glass. Then I store them in the refrigerator. This bunch was too old to eat and the greens turned to mush. I really thought there was no hope but lo and behold they still started to grow!



This picture was just one day after cutting them and taking

them out of the refrigerator, they already started to grow!

See the two tiny green stems peeking out of the top?



Now, about five days later they look like this! Isn’t that amazing!

On Sunday I am going to plant the celery and the Green

Onions in containers to see if they will continue to grow. Wish me luck!

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  1. BEING A garden lover and having a big garden to tend Id say reading your blog , you dear have what is called green fingers. I too have them as my garden buzzes with sound and plants are King.How I find time for blogging beats all things

  2. That’s incredible, I didn’t even know that was possible!! I’ve lost so many of these to going bad, or so I thought. If I have the fridge space when it happens next time (big if) I’m totally doing this. Thanks for sharing this!!

  3. I have read both your articles about regrowing and am definitely going to give it a try. I have just started growing tomatoes, peas, and strawberries so I am going through a green-fingered phase at the moment!

  4. I’ve tried that before – just last week was the last try – and they sprout like crazy at first, then turn mushy and smell awful. Maybe I should plant them quicker.

  5. Plants are resilient little things. Neat find! Now I’m going to have to try every vegetable/fruit I have in the kitchen. Lol

    • I just transplanted them about 5 days ago and was going to let them get established in pots. Then my wonderful hubby told me he did me a favor and planted them in the garden for me! Two transplants in less than a week and a low of 40 degrees last night should finish them off quite well😞. I have been bringing the pots in at night. Oh well he meant well.

  6. At least he tries. My husband has his evening/nightly smokes at night. Im too busy with cooking and lunch making etc then I go out to water the garden carrying my gallon. Then he offers to help and I want to thump him 😉

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