Easter Cake


I made this Easter Cake last year. It was so much fun and very easy to make. Kids and adults will enjoy making and eating this one!

I made the cake in two round pans, let them cool then I frosted the top of one cake and placed the other one on top. Then I frosted the entire cake.ย I colored coconut with green food coloring and added the candy eggs on top. Then I finished it off with the peeps all around the cake.

That is all there is to it and it looks like a bakery made it! There is no decorating with the frosting at all. If you donโ€™t have a cake plate like mine that has a lip and helped to hold the peeps in, use some frosting to glue the peeps to the cake. Simple, simple and simple!!!!

Below is the link for my original post from last year when I made this adorable bunny cake.


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    • Simple-simple-simple! It looks like it was difficult but it was the easiest cake I have ever decorated! Stick the peeps, color coconut and throw it on top…thatโ€™s it!

    • I let the frosting dry and then put the coconut on. That way anyone that didnโ€™t want the coconut could just brush it right off since it didnโ€™t stick. So yes, edible grass would work if you let the frosting dry first too! Great idea!

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