1,000 Posts


WHAT!!!! This blew me away. I have never really sat down to figure out how many posts I have written but evidently Word Press keeps track for me. I started blogging in February of 2017. This month has been one of milestones hitting 1,000 posts and 10,000 followers. Now onto post #1,001!



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    • Hi Jill! I have posted almost every day but only one post a day. Wait until you see how fast it adds up and good luck it is so much fun blogging! I look forward to seeing your posts!

      • At the moment I am going to aim for once a day because I have a huge back log of stuff that I have gathered over the last couple of years that I want to share. I just don’t want people to get fed up seeing notifications though.

      • Yes that’s why I just do once a day. I remember when I first started somebody sent me a message and told me I was blogging too much (once a day). They told me people would hate that and not follow me. I told them I was blogging for fun and enjoyed blogging everyday and would continue to do so. I now have over 10,000 followers in less than three years. Lol

  1. Very well done, that is a serious amount of work. Your next challenge is to work out how many calories that 1,000 posts represents. Only joking!

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