Free Mason Jar Lid Dispenser


How many empty jars of grated Parmesan Cheese have you thrown away over the years? Did you know that the lids from all those plastic jars fit a Mason Jar? Think about all the possibilities you can do with all those free lids! The lid has holes to shake out the contents or the other half is open where you can insert a spoon or pour the contents out. The possibilities are endless!

  • I dehydrate my own herbs and these make great storage containers for them.
  • If you grate your own cheese, put it in a Mason Jar.
  • Keep your rubber bands in them.
  • Save all your loose change.
  • Salt or pepper.
  • Sugar or flour.
  • Powdered coffee cream.
  • Powdered milk.

Well I think you get the idea. I hope this gives you some ideas for storage and a great way to recycle the lids.

























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  1. I use a empty parm. container in my doggy ‘diaper bag’ for a dispenser for doggy treats. (don’t tell Sami, the Wonder Dog, but the treats are really dog food but she thinks they are treats)

  2. Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    This is a brilliant idea! Whoever thought of this deserves a medal. I have had the problem of losing my lids, or them rusting and being thrown away. Then you have said Mason jar with plastic rap and rubber band. Or the dispenser openings point. Love this idea!

  3. Good to know. Although, I am not aware of “jars of grated Parmesan Cheese”. Here I know of cardboard like containers that have the sliding/spinning type of top. It is so interesting how things are sold and packaged differently throughout the country. And my favorite Parmesan cheese is from the deli section and it is sold in tubs. You are brilliant to have discovered the lids fit mason jars!!!

  4. “How many empty jars of grated Parmesan Cheese have you thrown away over the years?”
    I can’t remember ever doing that exact thing. 🙂 It doesn’t come in jars here in France. I do save empty spice jars and use them for the herbs from my garden.

    • I am getting up there in years and we eat a lot of spaghetti with the grated Parmesan Cheese! I have probably thrown away over 50 in my lifetime! I like your spice jar idea too. I buy things in bulk and put them in smaller jars so they are easier to use. Thank you for commenting!

  5. Yesssss!!!! I was going to post this at some point! I have all different colors. Red, turquoise, orange, black, green. I like to put flour in one so when I have to make a rue or thicken something quick, I am not dragging down the huge container of flour. Or breadcrumbs to shake directly on whatever you are making. Even borax to shake into the laundry quickly. I love mason jars!!!

      • Don’t they have to do the proper canning method to freeze? I have done it with the plastic ones but not the glass.

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