Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker


I was so happy when McDonald’s decided to serve breakfast all day long. I rarely eat there, but when I do I must have an Egg McMuffin with sausage. My husband knows how much I love this sandwich and he surprised me on Christmas and gave me a Breakfast Sandwich Maker made by Hamilton Beach that is amazing! Of course it isn’t very hard to make this without the sandwich maker but this makes it easy and cooks it perfectly!


This cute little unit is just big enough to make a great

breakfast sandwich but not too big for storage.

The cost for this unit is around $20.00 on Amazon but they

also sell a double sandwich maker for $34.00.



You start by spraying cooking spraying on the rings of the sandwich maker.

Place them back into the unit.



Plug the unit in and wait for the preheat green light to come on.



Lift up on the lid and slide the center flat plate to the side.

Place half of an English Muffin in the rings.

Place your cooked meat on top of the muffin (sorry no picture of the sausage).



Close the plate and put your egg (slightly mixed with a fork) on top of the closed plate.



Place the other half of the English Muffin on top of the egg.



Close the lid and set the timer for 4 minutes.



Once the timer goes off lift the lid up, slide the plate sideways and using pot holders pick up the metal rings. Place the sandwich on a plate and serve. I absolutely love this device. It cooked perfectly, clean up was a breeze and my sandwich tasted amazing! I only have one complaint and that is that it doesn’t cook the meat. You must use already cooked meat. From now on I will buy my sausage, cook it and then freeze it. That way all I have to do is thaw it out. If you like ham or no meat at all this will not be an issue.




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  1. I make mine at home too! We make our own sausage patties all the time. I don’t eat out often but you and I share the same love of the sausage McMuffin. Their hashbrowns are my #1 favorite. I cannot reproduce the taste. EVER. If you ever find a recipe to copy it, let me know. I would forever be in our debt! 🙂

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