Heuck Butter Cutter

I have had this Heuck Butter Cutter for years! It is durable and cuts right through a cold stick of butter. I couldn’t find the same brand on Amazon but they had a couple that looked similar for about $8.70 each. I don’t use it a lot but it is nice when you have company, want to limit your fat intake or just for portion control. I definitely give this a thumbs up! Anything that can last this many years and do what it was made to do is an excellent gadget!


Categories: Milk Based


  1. this looks sturdy and like a keeper – I have never seen a butter slicer.
    I am currently looking for an old “bacon press” – my spouse did not believe there was such a thing – and I was telling him about the old iron ones I have seen at flea markets –
    anyhow, – is your butter slicer made of aluminum/pewter?

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      • yeah – I have seen a bacon press for sale (cannot recall the store) but it was a joke of one – thin and made of iron – but you would have to press it down with a lot of wait – and the whole idea is to use a proper press to squish the bacon down for cooking (right)
        and we buy all-natural bacon that is “ends and pieces” and sometimes the large chunks need pressing….
        anyhow, I have seen some flimsy presses for sale…

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      • I once had a student write a really good paper on how “cell phones are built to NOT last” – and I think some of the principles apply to appliances.
        but it is so sad that they do not last longer sniff

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