Butter Bell Crock


Do you remember your parents or grandparents using a Butter Bell Crock? Or maybe you are using one now. What does a Butter Bell Crock do? It will keep your butter soft and fresh without refrigeration for around a month provided you change the water every couple of days and the temperature stays below 80 degrees.


The Butter Bell Crock has two parts. The one on the left holds the water. The one on the right holds the butter and is the lid.


You don’t use a lot of water. Put your butter into the round cup in the lid making sure it is packed tightly. It will hold a stick of butter.

Turn the lid with the butter upside down. Place it into the other half that you have added water to. Change the water about every other day. This creates an airtight seal that will keep the butter fresh without the need for refrigeration for about a month. Our butter never lasts that long because we eat it!

There have been many names for this little crock over the years. I have seen it sold in Amish Country and on Amazon where it sells for a variety of prices depending on what style and color you choose. I bought mine for around $15.00 a few years ago.




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