Onion and Pepper Saver


Don’t you hate wasting food? These amazing Onion and Pepper Savers are wonderful and really aid in prolonging the life of your produce. Once you cut your vegetable or tomato, put it in the Saver and store it in the refrigerator. These come in many types of food shapes and colors, but keep in mind they all work the same no matter what vegetable you put in them. You don’t have to buy one of every type of food. We get along with just these two. The absolute BEST thing I love about these is that there is no odor that comes from them when they are stored in the Saver in the refrigerator. Before we bought these, I can’t tell you how many times I would open the refrigerator and smell raw onion! They sell anywhere from $5.00 – $10.00.

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  1. The onion one really works? I have been putting partial onions in a plastic bag, then in a plastic container to ensure they do not smell up my refrigerator. A bit of overkill perhaps, but onion scented eggs do not work in pancakes!

    • Oh you definitely do not need the plastic bag. I hate to eat and smell raw onion. My husband puts his in this as is and I never smell it. Bet you can’t guess who bought this for him…lol

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