Jokari Hands-Free Bag Holder


The Jokari Hands-Free Bag Holder is another wonderful gadget. How many times do you pour food into a bag and it either gets all over the bag or the bag tips over and your food spills everywhere? This gadget has never let me down. It has adjustable arms which raise up for larger bags or lower them down for smaller bags. It has clips to hold the bag in place which I find handy for smaller bags, however, for larger bags I just fold the end of the bag over, fill the bag, remove from the holder and seal. This sells for under $10.00 and is worth every penny!

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  1. I had one of those but gave it to my sister who doesn’t have them in her area. I still have yet to replace mine. They are fantastic! A real lifesaver for those of us that freeze liquids!

  2. I admit to being a bit of a gadget junkie 🙂 It is really great to read an honest, positive review. Thanks, I will look for this, as I freeze lots of food items, including liquids.

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